Announcement: Josie (Deadly Wives Club Book 1) by Autumn Raynne


Ms. Autumn Raynne surprises her readers with a dark erotica novella, part of her future series entitled Deadly Wives Club. While we wait for the return of Ava Cavatica we may enjoy the dark corners of that story delving in the erotic horror and dark desires. You can purchase it now on Amazon:

Synopsis: Josie Keller thought she had met the perfect man in Erich Black. Handsome, charming and sexy, Erich seemed to have it all. But something is lurking beneath Erich’s good looks and winning smile. Something disturbing and sinister. As the darkness in Erich begins to consume their lives, Josie finds herself succumbing to the evil within herself. Who is the hunter and who is the prey?

Fans of Ann Rule, Stephen King, and Gillian Flynn will love exploring the dark corners of Josie and Erich’s minds and reading the horrifying climax!

Check out also Autumn Raynne’s Amazon page and her first novel Devil She Became.


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