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Amazon turned out to be surprisingly quick and they didn’t require any goat sacrifices to make my little cute novella go live. You can purchase it or read it for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber on If you have a thing for dirty, hardcore stories mixed with second chance romance and a happy ending, you may enjoy this one… and decide if you want to go through the rest of the seasons with Paul and Sage. It will be a rough, emotional roller coaster. Meanwhile, enjoy the sweetness of forbidden fruit and unexpected summer love.



Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.



The moment we entered my spacious room Sage placed the toolbox with her equipment on the bedside table and turned to me.

Take off all your clothes.”

I blinked in bewilderment.

I… what?” I took a step back and pushed my hands deep into the pocket of my suit jacket. “Sage, I don’t know…”

I plan to tattoo a very small phoenix on your lower abdomen, really low. A sort of signature.” She smiled coldly and crossed her arms before her chest while checking me out. “I don’t want any clothes getting in the way.”

I… is that even a legit tattoo practice?” I felt the redness creep up my neck and breathed out. My cock has been semi-erect the whole evening just from being close to her. There was no doubt what undressing for Sage would do to me. I couldn’t live with such a shame and humiliation.

You said it yourself, Paul.” She shrugged and removed the shawl from her shoulders, tossing it on a nearby chair. “I blackmailed you. So do as I say because, if you remember, I won our bet fair and square. Be a man and keep your end of the deal. Or what? You have some pathetic small cock and you are afraid I’d make fun of you?”

That was probably the first time in my life I was pressed in the corner, knocked down several pegs by the most unexpected rival. There was nothing I could say to her word and no way to make it out of the situation without looking like a coward. I swallowed again and looked down, knowing that no matter what happened from this point on she had won.

I avoided her eyes while I was taking my suit jacket and dress shirt off. At least when it came to physique I had nothing to be ashamed of. My body was far from that of an athletic god but I had strong, lean legs and arms and well-developed chest. School work and mental development were my top priorities but I was also an active runner and swimmer. In that moment while I was disrobing in front of Sage I was grateful in spending enough time on physical exercises and keeping up in good shape.

Not that she showed in any way if she was impressed. She stood there staring at me with an unreadable expression and her arms still crossed, watching me like an object. After I kicked off my shoes and suit pants I felt the rush of sudden, virginal shyness. No other woman in my adult life had seen me fully naked and that increased the sense of vulnerability growing at the pit of my stomach. I ran my hand over the bulge in my boxers, hesitating before I pulled them down. It would be different if Sage was also taking her clothes off; it would put us on equal foot. The fact that I was nearly in my birthday suit while she remained in her gorgeous dress, almost regal and authoritative, kicked the power play to a whole new level.

Please, do I have to…” I sounded pathetic with my low, whimpering voice and the redness heating my entire face. It was impossible to see myself but I felt it so intensely as if my skin was burned.

Paul, I don’t have the entire night.” She cut me off and knelt next to the bedside table to prepare her equipment. “I want you fully naked.”

I bit my tongue and breathed in, trying to find courage in that utter humiliation. By that time I was already fully hard and the head of my cock was oozing heavy precum down the shaft. It was supposed to be the most erotic and sensual moment in my life. Instead, I was choked with shame, pride, and fear and I could no longer deny my lust for her.

After what seemed like an eternity I pulled my boxers down, letting my erect member spring out. I shut my eyes and kicked the useless underwear aside. Sage reacted in such a chill way at the sight of my fat shaft and purple head as if she was seeing men getting hard for her every day. She was as cold and clinical as a nurse with long years of experience.

What was happening with me? I always had such a perfect control over my emotions, why couldn’t I shut myself off right now?

Good.” She said and nodded in the direction of the bed. “Lie down and try to relax. I’ll be as quick as possible.” Sage had already set up her tattoo machine while I was fumbling with my clothes.

I didn’t want to relax. I wanted to go to her, take the machine out of her hand and turn it off. Then I’d kiss her with as much tenderness as possible and beg her to spare me that agony, to forget about our stupid bet. We could have one beautiful first and last time together, to get to know our bodies, to share our passion. I didn’t need ink to know that strange girl had left her mark on my lifeline.

Instead, I just followed her orders and went to the bed with shaking legs and throbbing cock. My eyes were getting moist with excitement, grief, and horror. Sage didn’t change her expression the whole time as she positioned herself on her knees, next to the table where her ink was. Even if kneeling implied submission there was no doubt who was the one holding the power at that moment.

Did you enjoy it? You can read the other excerpts here and here.

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Teaser of The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo: Summer


Tonight I finally hit the publish button. It is soon going live if the gods of the Amazon are merciful enough so I’d like to tease your imagination a little. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want to be the first who’d learn when the story is live and available for order.


You know… you almost gave me a tattoo machine fetish back then.” I explained to her matter of factly as I squatted next to the briefcase. “Sometimes I still get hard whenever I see someone getting tattooed. That stinging sensation…” I grinned at her and pulled the new violet wand I bought a few weeks ago. Little did I know back then how soon I’d get to use it. “I think it is fair to give you a similar sensation.” The electrode I planned to use on her was a lot smaller than the plasma balls I had a soft spot for. This one was in the form of a long, glass tube that curved at the end, with a mushroom head. “You ever tried some of these?” I dangled the device by its cable it in front of her eyes the same way she did with my car keys back then. She shook her head and paled a little, biting her lips with fear in her eyes. “No worries, pet, you’ll love it. It’s a shame no one used it on you, with how sensitive you are.” After some hesitation, I also picked up my favorite Wartenberg pinwheel and stuffed it in my pocket, out of her sight.

I… Please, use it on me.”

Good girl.” I stroked her hair and plugged the cord into the outlet under her tattoo chair. The glass tube slowly heated up under Sage’s amazed eyes and she swallowed. Then she licked her lips and watched the pale blue light inside the glass, with fear and curiosity but not revulsion. I had no idea whether that was Sage’s first brush with kink but that woman was fucking natural.

Without giving her any warning I pulled my still hard cock out and put it back between her lips.

Suck me real slow while I test it on you. We’ll do some slow direct touch. Don’t you dare hurry up too much, let alone take me deep down your throat or I’ll punish you. Trust me, I have no problem doing things you can’t handle. Do you understand?”


I had to bite my tongue to correct her and make her refer to me as Master. But I couldn’t get her to attach to me or start thinking she was my sub. For a moment the temptation was so strong it choked me, just like those words I never told her during that night. Calling her “pet” was bad enough and probably my worst fuck up for the entire evening.

I moaned slightly while Sage served my cock with her soft, loving licks, smooching the tip and running her tongue all around it. It was time to taste if she was ready for some serious play. The butt plug was nestled nicely inside her tight ass and her pierced clit was swollen and dripping juices. I grinned again and placed the tip of the tube against her left nipple, red and swollen from my rough treatment earlier.

Sage whimpered as the electrical sparkles licked her skin and made her body tense. I ran the wand between her breasts, holding its plastic container tight while my cock was bathed by her talented mouth.

It feels so good…” She whispered against my engorged head and kept sucking it. I hissed and kept the device longer on her other nipple, enjoying the vibrations of her smooth skin. My action coaxed another, a longer cry of pleasure and intensity out of her.

And if you only knew how good it would feel on your clit piercing. I’m not sure you can handle it, though. Let’s see.” In response Sage sucked me harder and ran her teeth against the mushroom of my cock, nibbling it very lightly. I chuckled and ran the wand against her mound, right over the landing strip of trimmed jet black hair. “Bad girl. Using teeth already? I’d have to break you out of that habit… or encourage it.”

Her pupils dilated when the smooth surface of my device slid against the hoop of her piercing. The scream died in her throat as I used the perfect moment to ram my shaft deep and rough in her mouth. The beautiful violet sparkles were flying off the metal on her vulnerable flesh. Sage looked as if she was being electrocuted in that moment, writhing on the chair, rolling her eyes and trying to escape from the powerful charge. She was crying hard against my cock that was killing all her protests and groans. I held her hair with one hand and proceeded to facefuck her. I was curious to see how long she’d last with the violet wand right on her clit, the metal conducting electricity to her most intimate zones. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and her pussy was leaking with juices that streamed at the base of the butt plug.

By that point, her poor tortured clit became way too red and sensitive so I withdrew the wand but didn’t stop fucking her mouth. The way her pussy lips quivered with the remaining effects of electricity made me horny like a beast and I went savage on her until her tits were fully covered in overflowing, slick spit.

I reached out to spank her pussy and as I expected my palm was instantly coated with such a thick and creamy secretion I knew Sage wouldn’t last very long. But where was the fun in not punishing the bad girl for being so insatiable?

An Exclusive Excerpt of Strangers In The Night: The Star



One heated encounter in the back street wasn’t enough to satisfy her lust. He never suspected that by indulging her he’d wake up a sexual beast, a woman on the prowl for more pleasure and pain. Not being the type of man who’d get scared by depravity and filth, The Stranger collared and claimed her as his property for the rest of the night. The insatiable nymph he called V was more than pleased to submit to his authority and be his plaything until dawn. He was graceful enough to let his pet choose the next stop of their lust filled journey.
How brave would V be when she and her Stranger find themselves in the back row of a seedy adult theater? Can she handle herself when they are surrounded by a group of horny men more than willing to put her through her paces? Will the Stranger have the power to control them and orchestrate her submission, down on her knees, soaked with cum and at the center of attention?
See how that once shy and serious woman turns into The Star of her own erotic dreams. How much further will V go in her self-search and need to please The Stranger?


I read a dark excitement in your eyes but you remain still, your hands casually resting on your hips. A sigh escapes my chest and I say sadly before I turn to leave.

“I guess I fooled myself. I’m sure you’ll find many girls who…”

You never give me the chance to finish those words. How can I expect that someone with your nearly lazy grace will pin me down so fast? I gasp as you grab my wrists in an iron grip, turn me around and push me against the wall, with my cheek pressed to the bricks. Your breath caresses my neck and hair while you lean forward to suck my earlobe and grind your still hard cock against my ass, over the dress.

“Perfect answer, little one, perfect answer. I have no interest in fooling naive girls or waste my time seducing them.” I cry out and writhe when you sink your teeth into my skin; not expecting to receive such a savage bite, as if I’m a she-wolf that you mark as your own. Your crotch presses against my tender flesh and I groan, wishing you would fuck me again. That we’ll be heard, that someone will come and see me in that disgraceful position.

The dizziness and lust take over as the voice of logic retires in the recesses of my mind.

When you finally let go of my flesh, after leaving a pulsing, painful mark on my neck I gasp and thrust my waist back, in an invitation.

You keep whispering and this time, you hold my wrists with two hands.

“It’s a relief to have a play partner I don’t have to lie to. I’ve seduced girls with easy tricks but they’re no challenge. All of them were so sensitive that even the light spanking made them scream. I always had to stop, hold back, restrain myself around them.” You lick my neck and I cry out in despair. “But you, little one, you are a tough and clever girl. I have absolutely no intention of holding back with you tonight.”

“Then don’t! I’m not made of glass. Fuck me again, now!” I hiss and keep moving the back of my ass to rub against you, to tempt you.

You chuckle and order me with a much firmer voice when you let go of my wrists.

“Keep them up and don’t you dare move an inch.” With these words he raised my dress and ran his fingers down the tender skin of my ass and over the folds of my pussy, still full of his own seed. “You got the situation just right, little one. You won’t be my date tonight, you’ll be my private whore, my slutty pet and you’ll do whatever I order you. If there is something you’d hate I suggest that you tell me now because after that I won’t stop.”

You pinch my clit between your forefinger and thumb and stroke it until I am moaning even louder than before. Whoever is passing by that dark sideway street is sure to hear my calling of a horny cat.

“It’s been a while for you, hasn’t it? When was the last time you’ve been fucked before tonight, slut?”

“I…” A sudden shyness and vulnerability take possession of my brain. A strange sensation, given that you are stroking my pussy lips and driving me wild with his fingers on my clit. If someone else joined us they’d see my bare ass and how I was leaning against the wall with gathered wrists, groaning, needy and pathetic. So what place did I have for shame in my mind? “It’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Then we’d better start with the embarrassment here.” I winced when he collected some of his sperm and stroked the thumb of his available hand against my asshole. “I plan on stripping you naked in every sense of the word.” He removed my hair to kiss me on the shoulder and press me harder against the wall. “I may not have a leash for you now but you’ll be my pet and I’ll be your Master. I can tell you that by the end of the night you won’t need clothes. You’ll service me and those close to me. You will present your holes for fucking to both men and women without even flinching. You’ll be inspected, whipped, probed and kept wet at all times.”

You bite my earlobe this time, in a more playful way while your fingers probe my cunt.

“You’ll be obliged to drink all the cum that you coax and you will always look up when those above you paint your pretty face.” He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. “You’ll be a very good girl, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will be…” I groaned and tightened my walls around your hand, writhing and coating you with our mixed fluids. “Please…”

“Until the rest of the night you will call me Owner and you will feel what it’s like to be owned, little one.” He stroke my hair. “Forget who you have been until tonight. Your job, friends, your old lovers. You are a new woman tonight. Forget even your name. Tonight…” He inserted two more fingers inside me and bit my shoulder. “I will call you nothing but V. That is your new identity and the name on your collar.”

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An Exclusive Excerpt of The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo: Summer

The rough draft of that first novella of my upcoming Sage Phoenix series is finally  finished. The expected date of release is either August 22nd or August 23d. Meanwhile, here is a little teaser. It’s not edited yet.



Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.


Do you really think one minute in your pussy could make it up for all the trouble and grief I had when dealing with you, little brat?” She raised her legs and dug the heels of her boots in the leather, trying desperately to keep control and failing miserably. I yanked her hair again so hard that the skin at the root of her hair went red with the intensity of the pull. She was still shell shocked with my sudden aggression and laid beneath me, panting, with her pupils slowly dilating.

Sage was right where I wanted her to be.

Finally, my little victim found her voice and uttered in a last attempt to win through her seductive purr.

It would have lasted a lot longer if you had lasted too, Paul. It’s not my fault you came so quickly.” The smile on her face was just as wicked as always but Sage was slowly unraveling. Her lips were wide open for a kiss, her nipples were hard as pebbles and she was raising her hips to grind them against my crotch. Probably without even realizing it.


She probably didn’t see it coming, that would explain the loud gasp of protest as I crushed my lips against her, bit them to the bleeding point and forced her to open her mouth. Her moans were muffled as I pushed my tongue in and rubbed it against hers. Sage struggled and writhed under me but wasn’t trying even a bit hard enough to release herself. My hands found themselves on her soft, pulsing throat and I thrust my fingers in the back of her soft neck until she screamed. I was bruising her delicate skin. It would take just a bit more to crush her completely, break her windpipe and catch the last breaths of her life. Instead, I grasped her hard enough to hurt and bruise her but I was merely depriving her of air, controlling how much she’d get as I was devouring her, sating my hunger for the taste of an untamed, captivating creature. All her sounds were drowned by my rough, violent kiss. At first, she responded with the same painful lust by sinking her teeth in my tongue and fighting for control. The lack of oxygen and my power over her took their toll and I quickly assumed the top position.

She tasted just like I always thought, sweet and spicy. The mild taste of whiskey on her tongue just made me go wilder and kiss her in a more ferocious way, nearly tearing pieces of her flesh in the process. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and breathed some air in, thrilled to be literally necessary for her survival.

When Sage started growing weak in my arms I hurried to remove my fingers of her neck and slid them down her firm breasts. It amazed me how hard her nipples were, truly like two little stones that I’d soon torture, just like the rest of her sensual body. That little witch would better know from now she wouldn’t have any say in what would happen to her, that I’d have no qualms in taking her and treating her like my own private toy. She’d by my whore tonight.

I played with her painfully sensitive tits and drank in what I’ve longed for years. Then, with one smooth and precise movement I ripped her tank top open, shredding it to stripes of ruined fabric. The kiss had made me dizzy as well so that was the perfect moment to release her luscious, roughened and bleeding lips and let her scream out as I was ripping apart her flimsy outfit, turning it into a rag. Sage moaned and reached for her mouth, gasping in despair as I left her naked from the waist above, with her bare breasts completely vulnerable.

Clearly Little Miss Adventurous didn’t like it that much when the tables were turned on her. Or did she? Her eyes, goose-prickled skin, gyrating hips and aroused breasts showed she was horny as hell, weakened and getting needier by the minute.

Paul, what are you doing?” Sage moaned out in confusion.

In response, I simply slapped her breast and pinched her nipples until some tears ran down her face. There was a rough, red bruise forming on her neck where I had been choking her. Good. I wanted to leave marks on her so she’d stare at herself for at least a week in the mirror, touching her skin, unable to let go of my face in her mind. Sage was moaning out loud when I brushed her nipple and squeezed it so tight it instantly turned bright pink. I made sure that all the blood gathered at that tender tipping point before I struck it with my free hand.


You are a very, very bad girl, Sage Phoenix, a bad woman who goes around in those barely there tops, teasing men with her perfect tits and nipples.” I tutted and slapped her cheek gently, in a ridiculous tender manner in comparison with how I was roughing up the soft bud of her nipple, sinking my nails into it and making her cry. “You never learned that grown up women don’t flaunt their tits for the whole world to see. You were supposed to have matured by now but you are still the same brat, aren’t you?


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#MasturbationMonday Dirty Office Games #BDSM 18+


I think I finally have a beautiful reason to be happy with the inevitable Monday mornings. Get happy and if there isn’t anyone to pleasure you you’d better pleasure and pamper yourself. Just be careful not to get caught with your hand down your undies. Or maybe this is what you secretly crave?


Thomas placed his hand on my inner thigh and dipped his fingers in the thick film of sweat and pussy juices covering my skin.

“Mmm, I don’t know, boss. I remember this one time we had a boardroom meeting.” When he continued speaking, my fingers twitched. Thomas noticed and immediately slapped my wrist. The impact was not as strong as the bite but still enough to draw my attention. “So, there you were, preparing the last details of the presentation. You were breathing hard, like a woman who was just fucked.” Thomas speared his fingers in front of my face to show the glistening juices running down his knuckles. “I already knew you well enough. You were never shy or nervous at all about pitching your ideas. You had received your nicotine fix. Besides, I could smell you so clearly…” He brought his fingers closer to my lips so I could smell my own spicy fluids. “You were horny, weren’t you? Like a bitch in heat. If only you’d been honest back then I would have taken care of you.”

“These are all speculations, Thomas.” Why did he have to be so observant? The thought he had known all these years embarrassed me but it also thrilled me. “Oh, yes?” He ran his digits down my neck, coating me with the evidence of how stupidly horny I was. “It was the only time while I was working for you when you got mad at me. I lied and told you I’d forgotten my iPad so I’d have an excuse to go back to your office.”

I remembered. I’d snapped at him and demanded angrily that he get back as soon as possible. Later, I’d felt guilty for being such a bitch to him. Thomas got a profound apology and it never happened again. “Yes, but–”

“You were in such a hurry you had forgotten to lock your door.” He smirked and brought his fingertips to my face so he could continue coating me. I breathed out and closed my eyes in shame. He was right. My bad habits were running a mile long. “Can you imagine my surprise when I pulled your executive chair, boss?” Thomas licked the remains of my juices from his fingers. “Have you ever tasted yourself after fingering? Do you lick the vibrators after using them?”


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Blurb and Cover Reveal – The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo #NSFW

Dear fans [if you are somewhere out there],

Being the classical masochist that I am I decided that apart from the rest of my projects I will write a sexy summer novella. The attendants of my official book launch party that celebrated the launch of Unorthodox Therapy voted between three plot lines and the choice fell upon this one. It’s a new adult/erotic romance but if you think that I’ll be presenting you a vanilla ice-cream of a story you’re deadly wrong. You get all my trademark hardcore BDSM with a little bit of this

Untitled-1and also some of this wartenberg-wheel,

with a sprinkle of that A9YIEkmCEAAV03m

and some experiment with breath play.



That is combined with my usual dirty talk, spanking, orgasm denial and plenty of filthy love between two highly flawed individuals. The other news is that this is not the end. Both Paul and Sage, my new less than an ordinary couple, are way too interesting to close them within one season. So prepare for four novellas, each of which is dedicated to a separate stage or season in their relationship. They will be rather different in terms of lightness of the plot and kink so prepare for surprises. And yes, you happiness lovers. There will be a HEA. Maybe. If you are nice enough and feed that authoress with many reviews she may be merciful. Also, you should know you can never expect me to jump straight for the sex in my longer works.

Without further ado, I present the stage of sweet and kinky summer love. The Brat With the Phoenix Tattoo: Summer comes out on August 15th.


Blurb: Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.


And since I’m a kind soul I will also give you some teasers.


Somewhere, in the deep sordid recesses of my mind, they’d surrender the moment their eyes would fall on the briefcase’s content. The blonde would smirk at me and press the stop button while the girl with the ginger locks would reach out for the steel circles of the cuffs. She’d drop down on her perfect knees wrapped in silk stockings and open those pretty lips for me, in expectation, nervous but willing to do whatever it takes to please me. The statuesque blonde with striking blue eyes would soon follow her friend and kneel, unzipping my pants, with the same expression of a compliant girl who wants to give ecstasy to her Master. The two ladies would spend a long time fighting for my cock, licking and sucking, tracing their tongues down my oozing tip as I smoothed their hair and congratulate them on what good little sluts they were…


I hope that I’d find the empty shell, doll-like expression of a woman too stupid to live, a slave of her own body and passions, lacking any soul. What I see completely sweeps me away. That green, seductive fire and her beautiful smile make her absolutely radiant, regardless of her slut outfit and trashy makeup. The raw energy of an untamed tiger, her scent and the natural grace that show beneath the exterior melt my defenses. I bite my tongue and grip one of the pens I have in front of me to get some control over the powerful physical reaction she provokes. 

I hate girls like Sage. I really do. I’d never touch her or show her any weakness.

But right then, in that moment as we’re finally up close and personal, I realize with utter horror that I want her.

Author Spotlight: Nia Farrell

Today I’ll meet you with one of the most interesting ladies I had the pleasure to talk to during those spotlights. It’s been a busy year for the prolific and talented author Nia Farrell. She successfully mixes history, supernatural, menage, romance and BDSM in her stories and the audience responds to that. Recently Nia reached the final round of the Golden Flogger Award competition in the Menage category. But the bigger ocassion for which I invited her for her Author Spotlight is the release of her biggest book so far, a Victorian menage novel named As Wicked As You Want that was release on August 1st. You can read more about the novel’s plot, as well as enjoy a delicious excerpt in Nia’s promotional post here.


Lilah: Hello Nia, it’s a pleasure to meet you in your Author Spotlight. Congratulations on your new release and on getting to the final round of the Golden Flogger. How do you feel? Does such a praise make you want to write faster?

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#MasturbationMonday – Only Good Pets Get Pleasured 18+


What better way to start the week with a little bit of morning guilty pleasure under the sheets? I may as well  turn that into a Monday Moaning tradition.


The name didn’t evoke any reaction from her and Lina kissed my cock, slurping the mixture of fluids without a care for how filthy she appeared. Her mouth closed around me and I knew the time was coming. My bulbous head was rubbing at the back of her throat, pushing it wide open. I started thrusting my hips mercilessly until Lina choked. Her tears of effort, the fluids running down her face, how she rolled her eyes to the back of her head – it was all too much to bear. I wanted to prolong the pleasure and hold my own orgasm back but it nearly knocked me down with its power. I almost blacked out when my cock exploded in a powerful climax, unloading in her receptive mouth. The blast of pure pleasure rendered me speechless, numb and shivering while Lina was suffocating on the thick ropes of sperm filling her mouth and throat.
This woman was too much.
I came to my senses as she released her throat enough to clean my shaft with slow, kitten-like licks. Her face was tear strained and she was coughing, but she looked rather smug and pleased with herself while she licked my cock.
“Is my Sir pleased with his pet?” she uttered in a seductive voice, kissing my tip. “Perhaps I can get him hard again?”
“Aw, my poor naïve kitten.” I stroked her cheek and leaned forward to kiss her lips without a care that I’d taste my own cum on her tongue. She blinked in surprise and stared at me with an uneasy expression. I spoke in an openly condescending tone and patted her stained cheek, “I don’t think it will be good if I join my party with another raging erection, don’t you agree, boss?”
“But…” Her expression was so devastated I couldn’t help laughing again. “But I haven’t cum yet!”
“It’s how I planned it, Lina. I won’t fuck you yet. Only good pets get to be pleasured by their Master.”


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