#WIPITUP Wednesday – A Sexy #Redhead in a #BDSM Club – Unorthodox Chemistry


Much to my regret, the WIPITUP Wednesday blog ceased its activity but since it is something I enjoyed a lot, I decided to continue with the snippets, as long as I have some work in progress. I’m considering to start a version of my own, eventually, with a different name and a hashtag.

This week you get a small peek into Thomas’ thoughts as he is slowly making his way back in the game, at an intense party for his best friend’s birthday. Next week you’ll get either a beautiful stage performance or his first clash with Lina after months of not seeing her. 🙂 Or something else entirely.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy.




The blonde woman smiled with cruelty and raised a pair of nipple clamps dangling from a sturdy chain. The Dom held the girl by the chin in a firm grasp while her Mistress was attaching the clamps to the gum drop sized, pulsing nipples. The bound girl cried out and I could hear the anguish even from so far away. She was so beautiful in her suffering, so lost in the moment, giving her arousal, pain and full obedience to the tops. The man took a few steps back and after sharing a few words with the Mistress, he raised his flogger and struck at the redhead’s chest, straight across the chain.

The expression on the submissive’s face was shifting from elation to begging, anxiety, and pain, torn between the harsh tug of her flesh and the pleasure of her pussy being widened. That was the kind of look that always got to me, that helplessness and despair, fighting with the lust and need.

If only I could get closer so I’d fully drink on the emotion, savor that stranger’s reaction on her journey through subspace. The arousal of watching her shift her state of mind and body, so trusting and obedient, made my own body burn with lust and zeal I hadn’t felt for months. It’s been so long since I’ve watched any kind of play. I had forgotten the beauty of power exchange. She was fully giving herself, without any restraints or hesitation, embracing the pain with just as much willingness as the pleasure. The red stripes on her body were getting brighter, just as her eyes as the man tugged the chain down and the woman hit her straight across the clit with her long nails.

It was so mesmerizing I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, among the busy club environment. These three people didn’t notice anything beyond the scene, sharing it with the world and yet ignoring its presence. I was sure that if I approached them and asked in a quiet, respectful way they’d allow me to assist them. Their little pet was deceptive in her frailty but something about her face made me think she could take a lot. The more they were beating her the wetter she was getting and the ecstasy was easier to hear in her begging screams.

It would be thrilling to hold the power once again, to make her scream and put her through her paces, help her get to places she’s never been.


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Review: Blue by LN Bey


Author: LN Bey

Genre: BDSM, Erotica, Humor

Purchase link: http://amzn.to/2gEwfCQ

My rating: 5 out of 5

Blurb: As her guests arrive for dinner, Janet is both fearful and aroused—because this is no ordinary suburban dinner party. Recently divorced and looking for something new, Janet definitely finds it when her friend Jon invites her to join an exclusive club of kinksters whose initiation is to be the host—and the entertainment.

Before the food is even served, she’s naked and on her knees, not to mention in over her head with her far more experienced guests. An avid reader of BDSM erotica, Janet learns that reality doesn’t always jibe with the fantasy as she rapidly loses control of the situation.

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#MasturbationMonday – Shameful #Fantasy of Hot #Degradation – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM


Tears began to flow down my face as he picked up his rhythm and alternated harsh blows with softer ones. He left signs of his claws and bit my shoulder, not giving me time to get used to the new sensation. My confused mind was wandering between the two extreme ends of the spectrum – intense pain and maddening desire. I cried against the abuse of my tender flesh but I was also in need of more. Thomas chuckled when I raised my bruised ass cheeks as if inviting him.

“If you continue sassing me, pet, I promise you will have a hard time sitting down Monday. Are you already enough of a masochist?” He pushed his finger deep in my ass in one rough movement. Even with his wet fingers, it was dry and uncomfortable but the invasion into my forbidden hole heightened my lust. “Now tell me your dirty fantasies, Lina. Don’t worry, I’m not fooling myself even for a second that you thought of me back then.”

“It’s… so embarrassing, Thomas. Don’t make me…”

“I won’t judge, pet.” He gave me a tender, reassuring kiss on the cheek and caressed my hair. “I won’t use anything you say against you. Tell me now.” Thomas didn’t stop fingering me until my anal hole adjusted. He touched my breasts and pulled them hard when I started talking.

“I… had this fantasy situation in my mind. It calmed me down when even cigarettes couldn’t.” He kissed my forehead and encouraged me with a harder rotation in my tight asshole. Then his fingers went back to my enlarged labia and squeezed to extract more juices. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so drenched and needy.

“Keep talking, Lina.”

“It happens in my ocean-side house. I go there with two male friends – not people I know in life, just… in this scenario they’re friends who come with me for the weekend.”

“Don’t stop,” Thomas whispered and licked my neck. “Also, tigress, don’t you dare cum. It would be pointless if I simply brought you pleasure.” Sadistic bastard. Yet, I couldn’t stop my little tale, my eternal source of shame and guilt.

“They realize I’ve no panties on. They grab me by the wrists and pull my skirt up. One of them keeps my legs apart so he can eat me out while his buddy makes me suck his cock.” Thomas pushed a finger in my slit while still playing with my ass. His action mirrored the next stage of my disgusting fantasy and it was so hot it took all my efforts not to squirt on his hand. “I protest but my mouth is filled. The guy licking my pussy is so great with his mouth that I cum quite a few times. They rip my clothes off and make me beg on my hands and knees.” It sounded even more disturbing as I told it out loud. The shame hurt more than his punishing spanking, but the pleasure of sharing enhanced the lust those dirty mental images provoked. Or, maybe it was because Thomas was finger fucking me harder with each word. “Finally, I break and they take me to the bedroom, forcing me to crawl like an animal. The first guy lowers me on his cock and slowly buries it in my lubed ass. His friend mounts my pussy and they start fucking my holes until they fill me with cum.” Thomas withdrew his fingers from my sopping holes and I gasped in frustration. I wanted to beg him to finish me off but I still had some dignity. My body was left shaking vigorously, teased and abandoned without a satisfying orgasm.


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#WIP IT UP Wednesday – A Mistress’ Private Chambers – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM


Hey there Wipsters, like I promised here is the next portion chemistry, this time you get a little Thomas perspective. It’s from a chapter in which we learn more about a supporting character from Book 1. Her role will grow significantly in Unorthodox Chemistry so yes, the readers will be in for mixed kink, even if the maledom/femsub will be predominant, no pun intended. Maybe that is wrong from target point of view but damn it, these are my favorite kind of books. I’m currently past the 30k mark and getting further and deeper in the juicier parts of the plot. Next week you may get some hot club action.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy.




I put on some slippers that she must have left for me by the bed, as well as the T-shirt and boxers, and walked out the door. My gait was still unsteady and I had some pulsing headache but at least I wasn’t the vomiting, pathetic creature I had been before… how much time had I spent in that nondescript room?

Either way, my sense of smell was also recovering remarkably well. The seductive fragrance of coffee was alluring me to Allie’s kitchen. It’s been way too long since I had a high-quality caffeine in my system and I was ready to even take her dark witch poison, strong enough to kill a horse.

She lived in a spacious studio in a neighborhood close to Marina, a different place than her professional realm of a dominatrix. One would expect that someone like her would be a lot more minimalistic and would avoid the clutter like it was the plague, or that she’d keep her color scheme in blacks, whites and grays, chrome and black leather, aesthetic to the last detail. Instead, her walls were painted in a cheerful pink, the living room had a whole cupboard, filled with all sort of kitschy souvenirs, as well as some landscape paintings and wooden figurines on the walls. The only room that gave away something of her kinky lifestyle was her personal bedroom, with its king-sized four poster bed and an adjoining playroom. The innocent visitor could easily mistake the door leading to it for a walk in closet.

Then again, innocent visitors had no place in Mistress Sheila’s private chambers. Only those fully aware of what was going to happen to them were allowed to pass through the gate of depravity. Usually after weeks of thorough training.

The hallway from the subs’ room was leading straight to the kitchen. It felt weird to be walking down it. During my visits at Allie’s I have seen so many men and sometimes even women to crawl there, with an anal hook attached to the lead of their collar, supporting a silver tray on the small of their backs. It was one of the ultimate tests she put them through so they’d prove their worth. Some of those really desperate to please her would beg beautifully for Mistress to push them even further and would get the addition of nipple clamps or clothes pins.

I didn’t see myself in such a role but I was watching her like an observant student, always trying to emulate her, in hopes that her dominance would rub off on me. She often consulted me on Lina’s punishments though she had never taken part in our play.


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#WIPITUP Wednesday -Ghosts of the Past – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM


Hello, Wipsters and fans (are you there?). The past few days have been incredibly busy and didn’t leave me time for writing but I’ll make up for it soon. I’m currently at the beginning of Chapter 3 so next time there will be some male POV. Meanwhile, have this little Lina snippet on memories and past details we only notice when it’s too late.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy.




I wouldn’t guess in a million years Thomas has been doing any of that for me. Perhaps I’ve just been in denial. My mind was busier with more important tasks and his obvious crush on me wasn’t a top priority. However, all those details came crashing down on me now, years later, when they no longer mattered.

Maybe I was just coloring the past with exaggerated details now that I knew about his sexual preferences and after I’ve had such intense experiences at his feet, on his leash. After he completely turned around my ideas for who I was and what I longed for.

Would my life have been different if I had noticed the signs of his desire, the quiet invitation he extended to me?

When we arrived at the hotel Thomas had insisted that he carried my suitcase all the way to my room. I protested with the ardency of a thousand fiery suns but he wasn’t taking no for an answer. I gave in, as usual, and allowed him to take care of the heavy lifting. He shared with an awkward smile he was working out a lot so it could be a good exercise. I only rolled my eyes at that.

Just when I was opening the door Thomas uttered in a deep voice that he’d be just in the other room. So if at any point I needed him, no matter how late or early it was, I could call him. His eyes had grown darker and more intense as he spoke those words… or had they?

Even if I had noticed anything unusual about his behavior I never told him anything and just gave him a warm smile. I told him he was free to go out and have some fun if he wanted to but that I’d expect him to be ready at 8am the following morning.

What would have happened if I had invited him to join me for a drink? Would he have been bold and dominant or just happy his boss let him closer to her?

Maybe he would have grown braver because of the alcohol, kiss me roughly, tie me to the bedposts and tease me until I begged to be fucked. Or he’d admit his attraction and implore me for just one night with him. Or he’d never dare to say or do anything and I’d have to use my cougar charm to lure him in my bed.


That’s all for now, I must go back to writing. If you visit my website for the first time and you are interested in keeping up with my work, feel free to subscribe to Lilah’s steamy mailing list. You even get a free story – http://eepurl.com/b4sN_H. Meanwhile, if you want to see other writers and their work in progress go to the WIP IT UP Wednesday HQ for more teasing snippets.

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#TeaserTuesday – Violet Sparkles – #BDSM and #NSFW


Sage whimpered as the electrical sparkles licked her skin and made her body tense. I ran
the wand between her breasts, holding its plastic container tight while my cock was bathed by her talented mouth.
“It feels so good…” She whispered against my engorged head and kept sucking it. I
hissed and kept the device longer on her other nipple, enjoying the vibrations of her smooth skin. My action coaxed another, a longer cry of pleasure and intensity out of her.
“And if you only knew how good it would feel on your clit piercing. I’m not sure you can
handle it, though. Let’s see.” In response Sage sucked me harder and ran her teeth against the mushroom of my cock, nibbling it very lightly. I chuckled and ran the wand against her mound, right over the landing strip of trimmed jet black hair. “Bad girl. Using teeth already? I’d have to break you out of that habit… or encourage it.”
Her pupils dilated when the smooth surface of my device slid against the hoop of her
piercing. The scream died in her throat as I used the perfect moment to ram my shaft deep and rough in her mouth. The beautiful violet sparkles were flying off the metal on her vulnerable flesh. Sage looked as if she was being electrocuted in that moment, writhing on the chair, rolling her eyes and trying to escape from the powerful charge. She was crying hard against my cock that was killing all her protests and groans. I held her hair with one hand and proceeded to facefuck her. I was curious to see how long she’d last with the violet wand right on her clit, the metal conducting electricity to her most intimate zones. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and her pussy was leaking with juices that streamed at the base of the butt plug.
By that point, her poor tortured clit became way too red and sensitive so I withdrew the
wand but didn’t stop fucking her mouth. The way her pussy lips quivered with the remaining effects of electricity made me horny like a beast and I went savage on her until her tits were fully covered in overflowing, slick spit.

If you want to read more get your copy on Amazon.

#TeaserTuesday – Attitude Correction #BDSM #Femdom

Punishment Without Crime

“Listen here, whore!” Her voice got to a high pitched squeal. All the blood had rushed to her face. “I don’t know what game you are playing but…”

As lazy and relaxed as she was the moment when Annabelle opened her mouth Kitty’s hand darted for the back of her neck like a viper snake. Annabelle let a loud gasp as her guest pulled a few tresses of her elegant hairstyle and yanked them back as if they were reigns. She made a mewling sound and Kitty laughed in condescending manner reaching out for her thin wrist

“You know what, sweetheart, your bitch act is really transparent.” Just now Annabelle realized how much taller the other woman was, she was practically hovering over her body. The sense of thrill and helplessness overwhelmed her, battling with the anger in her system. Kitty traced her long fingernail along Annabelle’s cheek and ran it down her neck till she reached her heaving tits. “I’ve dealt with some real bitches and let me tell you what, Annie, they’ll eat you for breakfast.” She kissed her captive’s ear and whispered in it. “All I will tell you is that in the end, they were at my feet, tamed and purring like kittens. So don’t think you even stand a chance. You’re not a bitch.” Kitty grabbed Annabelle’s small ass through the pencil skirt and squeezed it tightly making her moan against her will. The poor thing was so shocked by the assault that her tongue was still tied. And to her great dismay, Kitty’s arrogant behavior was like catnip for her pussy. When she mentioned of all those previous women kneeling at her feet Annabelle sensed a strong throb in her clit. All of her previous defiances was slipping out of her gasp. The shame was clearly etched on her face even if she couldn’t see it.

“Do you know what you are?” Kitty kept licking her neck and was slowly, so very slowly hiking her skirt. How could that humiliation turn her on so much? “You’re a little brat who is desperate to be punished.” Annabelle groaned loudly as Kitty’s teeth sank in her earlobe. “Tell yourself whatever you want but I know you. You secretly hope that some day Evan will not be able to take it and that he will finally discipline your ass as you deserve.”

One Click keeps you away from the full debauchery of that story – http://mybook.to/StrokerAce

Stroker Ace.jpg

#WIPITUP Wednesday – #Heartbreak Hotel – Unorthodox Chemistry


It’s November so it was a high time to start writing the sequel to my first novel, Unorthodox Therapy. As usual, NaNoWriMo turned out to be as good occasion as any and I’m nearly at the 10k mark. I thought that WIP it up may be exactly right for me so I can tease my few fans with small snippets of the tale of Lina, Thomas and their adventures and sufferings in the world of kink. If some of you thought that Unorthodox Therapy was hardcore wait until you see what I’ve got prepared for you at Part 2. I won’t say much more but you can expect new characters, more active role for such that were already introduced in Unorthodox Therapy, fetish club naughtiness, roleplay and dark fantasies on the verge of madness. The cover is temporary, just until I am done with the rough draft. The girl is too young (why is it so difficult to find a truly sexy and appealing image of a sexy woman in her thirties?) The estimated length of the novel is about 135 000 words but it can be more or less, depending on whether the characters behave as I tell them to (and they never do, damn it).




It was pathetic that I only found out how heartbreak truly felt at the age of thirty-seven. Maybe that was why it was even more difficult to move on.

I sighed, closed my eyes and rested my cheek on the soft pillow, in a hope the sleep would take me away to some better, happier place. Was it too much of me to ask for just one night of happy, kinky and wet dreams instead of the usual trips to nightmare land?

The masochistic streak at me tugged and as I was laying there, blind to the world, I imagined his fingers around my neck and his breath against my ear. He’d whisper in my ear he had missed me so much and pull my skirt up. His hand would pin me against the pillow, tender and comforting and cruel at the same time. In my twisted fantasy, Thomas would keep the veil of hair cascading down my face so I wouldn’t take a look at him. I’d obey the quiet, authoritative voice that beckoned me to stay still and do as I’m told. The silk of the panties would slide down my skin, leaving me unprotected, as I longed to be. That sensation of vulnerability and surrender that took possession of my brain, just like each time Thomas stripped me naked while he remained fully clothed. He’d warn me not to move a single muscle and not to anticipate. His palm would slide down my willing, quivering flesh and he’d spread my ass cheeks, with a deceptive caress. Then, after I was fully sedated and hypnotized by his presence, blinded, soothed and kept in place, Thomas would raise his hand for the first smack that would leave a hot, burning sensation…


That’s all for now, I must go back to writing. If you visit my website for the first time and you are interested in keeping up with my work, feel free to subscribe to Lilah’s steamy mailing list. You even get a free story – http://eepurl.com/b4sN_H. Meanwhile, if you want to see other writers and their work in progress go to the WIP IT UP Wednesday HQ for more teasing snippets.

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