Be My Guest On Tuesday: Touch The Wind with Erinn Ellender Quinn

tuesdayDid you enjoy the paranormal section of the Tuesday Spotlight? If you haven’t passed by the earlier slots pay a visit to Samantha Macleod and her novel The Trickster’s Lover or Tori Dean and The Forbidden Genie

If you want something different, a pirate story of forbidden desires, intrigue and adventure, you might be at the right place. It’s time for my last guest for the evening, Erinn Ellender Quinn, author of sultry historical romance. You may have read her erotica she writes under the pen name Nia Farrell. 


Christiana Delacorte’s father is languishing in prison. Accused of desertion and piracy, he’s being held without trial while the British and French fight over who will hang him. Determined to rescue him, Christiana approaches the one man she knows who might help: her father’s old friend Justin Vallé, the object of her adolescent fantasies, her first, most terrible unrequited love, when he was a prize for any woman and she sailed disguised as a boy. She can only pray that the French privateer doesn’t recognize her as the child who marked his face for life.

Mistaking her for a prostitute, Vallé fulfills her heart’s desire but shatters the mood by offering payment, forcing her to reveal her identity as well as her purpose. Vallé agrees to break her father out of prison, but his price is the gold she’s brought and her willing presence in his bed.

Justin has suffered a woman’s betrayal, and Christiana has lived most of her life in deceit. But there are forces at play beyond their reckoning, unseen enemies, and time is running out. The success of their mission—and any chance of a future—depends on whether they can learn to trust each other…before it’s too late….

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Be My Guest On Tuesday: Tori Dean and the Forbidden Genie

tuesdayWelcome to the afternoon spot of Be My Guest On Tuesday for another dose of paranormal romance. In case you have missed Samantha Macleod and The Trickster’s Lover check them out here

Warm welcome to Tori Dean, an author of sweet romance with a twist of naughtiness and paranormal in her work. Today she will lead you in the world of genies with her latest release. If you’d like to read more about Tori, she was also kind enough to take part in my Author Spotlight some time ago.



Princess Isabella is set to marry Prince Michael in an arranged marriage by her parents. Rules are rules in their Kingdom. Every princess in line must marry a prince, regardless of love. Even being a genie, you cannot change the rules.

But Isabella yearns for love. How will she survive the wedding or married life with a man she doesn’t love?

Little does she know that one of her sisters wants to break the rules for her and have Isabella removed by locking her up in her lantern and casting her out into the sea.  
Once Isabella realizes what is going on, she is ecstatic and ends up in Nantucket where she meets Edward Scott and falls in love with him.

Except, her family tracks her down and brings her back home to proceed with the marriage. Isabella tries everything in her power to get out of the marriage, including seeking council with the Great Genie Ali, who advises her that rules are rules.

Feeling despaired, how will she find her happiness in a loveless marriage with love for another residing deep within her heart?

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Be My Guest On Tuesday: Samantha MacLeod and The Trickster Lover for only .99cents

tuesdayHello, readers, authors, and fans! I hope you have had good holidays and that you look forward to meeting the three authors I have prepared for you on Tuesday. In case you have missed the guests from my previous Tuesdays now it is the right time to catch up. Meet young and promising erotica author L.M. Mountford, the humorous erotica of Lorraine Carey and Becky Robbins, as well as the thrilling BDSM poetry and short stories of HL37. My first guest this week is Samantha Macleod, another erotica author strongly inspired by the Norse mythology and history. Unlike Felicity Brandon and her Viking’s Conquest Samantha’s novel is a contemporary and paranormal adventure. Only this week you can get it for the discount price of .99 cents so don’t miss it.banner



Graduate student Caroline Capello has always been more comfortable with books than people. She’s just moved to the University of Chicago to become the world’s foremost authority on Norse mythology, making her the only member of her family to leave San Diego, and the family business.

But she’s wondering if she’s just made the biggest mistake of her life.

When Loki, the enigmatic and irresistibly sexy Norse trickster god, appears in her studio apartment, Caroline is forced to question everything she’s learned.

Do the gods exist? Are the legends about Ragnarök, the apocalyptic battle that destroys the gods and ends the Nine Realms, actually true?

Or is she losing her mind?

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#MasturbationMonday – Sinfully Delicious Audio #BDSM


Hello to all of you, naughty Moaning Day lovers! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, you haven’t died of overeating and that you are in the mood to get your pulse racing with some steamy erotic content. Over the holidays a dear friend of mine with a honey like and seductive voice made me a present by reading an excerpt of my novel. I thought I might share that with you in lieu of a paragraph. I hope you’d enjoy it.

I grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look into my eyes. It was high time to unleash my restraints and get what my body craved. Our lips clashed in a savage kiss as my palm reached for her neck and squeezed it lightly. Her aroused moan echoed in my mouth and made my blood boil with lust. I dragged Lina’s helpless, fervent body to the panoramic window with my fingers wrapped around her throat… Listen more.

If that turns you on go and get your copy here or leave me a comment. Then head back to the Masturbation Monday Headquarters for more hot snippets.

Kitty’s Gift and Christmas Spanking on #SatSpanks #BDSM

Merry Christmas, spankos! May your next year be filled with pleasure, hot reads, and even hotter real life experiences. My kinky Christmas short Kitty’s gift went live last night, just in time for a gift wrapping.

Featured Image -- 5442



For you and your blushing bride.

I’m sure you have learned how to discipline her better and you often paddle her sexy, tight ass when she is being a brat. Tonight, I want you to push her limits. Order her to do something she’d be uncomfortable with, play with her soft limits. The red would look fantastic on her pale skin.

Do your worst.

Happy Yuletide Season, Evan, send my greetings to Annabelle.



Evan and Annabelle are happier than ever, no matter that they both miss their kinky godmother. Kitty hasn’t forgotten them and two days before Christmas Eve they receive a mysterious package.

Annabelle has grown comfortable with her life as Evan’s submissive pet. But will she resist his command when he orders her to strip naked and kneel before him at their gallery after closing hours? How far will he take her training? Can she give into his wicked games and sexy discipline at her working place without losing herself?

Kitty’s apprentices are in for a night of spanking and kink they won’t forget.


Annabelle lowered her head to the contents of the box and after some serious struggle she picked the paddle with her teeth. Once she looked up so she’d hand her husband the disciplinary tool she noticed the bulge of his erection against the fabric of his pants. Good. She wasn’t the only one in heat and the fact he was getting so hard from her efforts thrilled her.

It made her almost forget the glaring landscape outside, the illusion she was watched by a hungry audience.

Evan nodded with approval and picked the paddle his pet was handing him.

That’s my good girl. Up here.” He patted his lap again and Annabelle pulled herself up to take her place. His hardened cock pressed against the smooth skin of her stomach and elicited another groan. She blushed when Evan parted her legs and raised her ass even higher. The wet folds of her pussy were fully exposed for blows and fingering.

Her petite body rested on top of his knee, fully available and ready for a sweet punishment.

As always, he didn’t warn her of the first blow and the soft smack of his hand made her wince and shift her position. Evan put his palm on the small of her back and tutted.

Stay still, Annabelle. If you go through your spanking without a sound I’ll reward you. Do you understand?”

Y-yes, Sir.” She bit her tongue when Evan ran his fingertips across her pussy lips, not really touching it.

You’re so easy to arouse, my little slut. So sensitive… Don’t drop this.” He chuckled, left the wooden paddle at the base of her neck and cracked his palm across her ass again, this time much harder. Annabelle tossed her head back in agony as the familiar warmth spread through her flesh. Her clit was pulsing like a heart, creamy and aroused, begging for release. The spanking sound repeated on both her cheeks and the heat of pain intensified as it was focused on her most intimate zones. She bit her lips and felt how some tears of effort to keep her moans muffled rolled down her cheeks. Evan was lashing her already sore backside with harder and faster blows, then he’d slow down so she’d adjust and give in to the ache.

You do a great job, pet, but will you be so quiet and obedient when I do that.” Her Master parted her legs wider and this time he used the paddle, hitting straight across her clit. Annabelle was a pain slut but that was too much even for her appetite. Her scream of agony echoed throughout the gallery. She sobbed as he repeated the hit on the same red, hurting spot.

Please… don’t… it’s too much… mercy…” Annabelle no longer cared about the reward, in too much pain to think straight.

Why are you being punished, pet?” He ran the paddle across her cheeks and when she least expected he whacked the paddle on her already red ass.

I… I disobeyed your order, Sir.”

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet. If you want to buy the story, head over to Amazon and claim your copy for only 99cents. Head over to Saturday Spanking for more naughty goodness.

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#WIPITUP Wednesday – Kitty’s Gift – A Kinky Yuletide Tale #BDSM

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the publish button for one small and sideways project that caught my attention while I was writing Unorthodox Chemistry. Usually, it is not a good idea to indulge in the temptation of a neat, short story but since the season was right I decided to give it a shot. This is Kitty’s Gift: A Kinky Yuletide Tale, a short Christmas edition focused on Evan and Annabelle, two of my characters from Stroker Ace: A Kinky Fairy Tale.


2He approached the group and hugged Annabelle from behind. Her body went stiff for a moment as she hadn’t seen him but then she relaxed and pressed her back to his chest.

Mind if I steal her from you for a few minutes?”

Annabelle excused herself with a slight tremble in her voice and allowed Evan to lead her away, to a secluded corner of the gallery. He noticed the strain in her shoulders and moved his hand to rub the base of her neck, a gesture that always calmed her. He leaned to kiss her ear and whispered.

I missed you today.

She gasped and tried to hide her arousal with a nervous laughter.

But Sir, we spent the entire day together.

That is even worse than not seeing you at all.His fingers ran down her waist and he pushed her long hair away so he could kiss her neck. “Being around you all day and not having you on my leash is a torture. Especially when I imagine how you slip your panties off under that cute dress.”

Evan, please…” Oh, that adorable blush whenever he was being inappropriate in public. It was just too sweet. “Someone can hear us.”

He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered softly, his erection grinding against her firm ass.

I’m sorry, pet, but I don’t think I can wait until we get home tonight. If I don’t get to fuck you anytime soon, I’ll explode. I’m sure your tight little cunt is just as wet.”

Please, stop it…” Her nipples went rock hard under the red dress and she moved her hips against the bulge in his pants. “I want you too but...”

So, it’s settled. After you close I want you to stand at the center of the gallery, strip to your stockings and kneel in the waiting position. I have a special surprise.

What?” She nearly choked and looked at him in horror. “Evan, please, you promised not to humiliate me in public.”

There will be no public tonight. We’ll be all alone.” He kissed her lips reassuringly and whispered. “You need to get comfortable with submitting to me outside of our home. I know you’ll love it. Don’t worry.” Evan hugged her tighter as the tremble in her body grew more intense. “You can trust me to take care that no one will see anything. Just do as you’re told.”


Her question was followed by a sharp stinging slap on her ass that luckily no one got to see.

That’s not a request, Annabelle. If I get down in here after we close and I don’t find you naked and ready for me, there will be consequences.”

She looked scared for a moment so he kissed her again, sliding his tongue in her mouth and running his fingers through her hair until her shaking subsided. Evan reluctantly pulled away and left another small, chaste kiss on her forehead.

See you later, pet. Don’t disappoint me.”

Annabelle cursed him on the inside when he walked away, leaving her wet, hot and bothered. The exhibition wouldn’t be over for at least an hour and she had tons of tasks before officially closing. Tonight was the Christmas Exhibition for Young Talents. Annabelle had to be her graceful, charming self, the art dealer, and gallery owner, not Evan’s submissive slut and filthy pet.

They agreed they’d only play their kinky games at home but she had admitted shyly it would turn her on if they ever did anything semi-public. Annabelle had written it down as a soft limit and Evan told her that he’d push it at his discretion.

Why did he have to play that card tonight?

Annabelle knew she’d surrender to his sensual corruption and soon she’d be doing anything he asks and she’d beg for that privilege.


Be My Guest On Tuesday: HL37 and BDSM Poetry As Tender As A Whip

tuesdayTuesday is slowly coming to its end and it’s time to introduce you to my evening guest, the first poet I’ve ever showcased on my website. 

Before you meet R.A. Smith, known also as HL37, you can check out my other Tuesday guests, if you missed their appearance. L.M.Mountford shared his shameless erotica with us in here. Lorraine Carey and Becky Robbins extended their invitations to Camp Cougar in here.

HL37’s words affect the mind like the most tender caress of a feather and the cruelest lash of a well-crafted whip. Let him take you away in a world where the delicate and sweet emotion is blurred with the violence and intensity. His work speaks enough for itself so live it.

Make Me Take It from You: erotic poetry and short stories




“Make Me Take It from You” is a collection of poetry and short stories that delve into to the physical and mental reality of the BDSM lifestyle .

Ranging from tender expressions of an emotional connection between two minds to sometimes seemingly brutal physical exchanges, these writings provide a vehicle to engage the reader and draw them into a world of complexities that they may have a longing to experience.

“poetry and prose” is a collection of stand alone pieces that will often leave the reader breathless and pondering. Included here is the title piece, “Make Me Take It from You.”

“themed writing” are just that. “twenty days of pillow notes” depict a darker side as love letters left each day for twenty consecutive days. The “tandem series” is the product of two minds exchanging lines and then responding with the next creating a unique flow of thought.

“short stories” take the reader on slightly longer trips into erotic and dark places that some can only imagine. And others will want to experience…



I need you to beat me

a simple message that required no further explanation

an understanding

reached without ever negotiating

words or conditions

like a child laying a strap in the hands of the headmaster

implied admission of transgressions


not punishment

a reprieve

not a pardoning

more a stay of execution

his loving brutality



act as witness


not escape

temporary relief

from her burdens

shackles loosened

and tightened


party dress

stand there in that cute little party dress

fidgeting and staring at your Mary Jane’s

hands clasped behind your back

that crooked grin almost protection


your lips will be a bright red smudge across your mouth and cheeks

your mascara will run down your face like tiny black lightning bolts

your hair will be knotted and ruffled

your pretty dress will be torn and tossed on the floor


you will look up at me with those tear filled eyes

and wordlessly scream…

take me, break me.

morning sex

when she ran her tongue across his lips

his mustache tasted of coffee and smoke

and the honey freshly harvested from between her thighs

fingers rested

over her pounding heart

soft now

unlike the fire that they burned with before

so she mused

on how this began

how he had called her by her secret name

a name that made her feel both vulnerable and understood

she traced that name

into the sweat on his ink stained shoulder

newly broken nail dragging on his skin

he smiled

the drying blood on his back creaking

as he drew her close

moving her to let loose a happy sigh

after all

morning was long from over

The Words

Your mouth holds many wonders, spilling forth to please and provoke me, greedy girl who gets her way when I get mine.

And oh, such delicious aural enticement, you willingly offer to me, knowing that my cock gets a very special kind of hard, when you look over your shoulder and whisper the words,

“Please, fuck my ass”…

The Mark

Somewhere on your skin, there will always be a skillfully placed note, from me to you, almost undetectable to anyone else. A fingerprint, my signature on our contract, and you will smile softly, when you see the mark,

the reminder that you belong with me, and to me.

The Struggle

Pinned against the wall, by the hair I hold in one hand, and the wrist I hold in the other, you punch and slap, as if a black eye, or a sting on my cheek, will in any way, change the outcome, of what I have planned. You will always, lose the struggle, that you invited, with your need,

yet you always win.

tandem deux

He looked at her,

not thru her like everyone else in her life did.

He looked at her and saw who she truly was.

Her vulnerability falling away,

like a veil of invisibility she had worn through eternity.

Safe for the first time in a very long time.

She could, at last, breathe.



Inhale his scent, his touch, his words, his truth.

He also needed these,

things that he had never known or had forgotten.

She looked at him and saw who he truly was.

A man.

Her man.

And she, His.

No kitten, leave them on…

She came through the door like a blonde tornado…

Some days it was all she could do to hold herself together past the threshold, and she already had one pump in her hand when she looked up and saw him there. He had that serene look, the one that just said let me take away the troubles of your day.

It made her melt…

He could be so gentle,

it was his way most of the time,

until he wasn’t,

and she needed that too.

He knelt down with one hand on her hip to steady her and removed the other pump. Shoes dangling from his fingers he took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. He motioned her to sit on the end of the bed while he went and started a bath.

She was reaching up to pull the pins from her hair when his hand stopped her with a grip of her wrist. He placed his hands on her shoulders pulling her up against him. He smelled so sweet, sweat and cologne, her face nuzzling deep into his shoulder. He reached around and unzipped her tight black skirt, letting it drop to the floor with no ceremony. Then nimble fingers worked loose every one of the tiny buttons on her blouse. Another unceremonious plop on the floor.


Sliding the tips of his fingers under the straps of her bra, oh she let out a sigh now. Hands one at a time caressing her shoulders as he worked the lace off her ample breasts. God how she loved when he did that, made her feel dirty and adored at the same time. Cupping her breasts in his hands like he was testing them for balance and road wear. Thumbs pushing her nipples to the side with a firm yet tender stroke. She sighed and trembled, butter in his hands.

When his hands finally slid down her hips to catch on the edges of her panties, he looked up and held her dark eyes for the longest time in his gaze. Her day did slip away in the blue ocean that reflected back at her.

And then she was naked.


Standing before him with nothing left but her dark rimmed glasses.

She moved to take them off, and he took hold of her wrist before she could complete the thought.

No kitten, leave them on”

He moved to the bathroom to shut off the hot bubbly water that had now filled the tub. Returning she found him also naked.

Yet he was never exposed.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, a signal to lower herself to her knees. She complied and took his hard cock into her hands ready to swallow it as if it would give her the air she needed to breathe easy. This is how she let the cares of the day go.

One of her ways…

Being his cock whore.

Took away her grace.

And gave it back.

Sustaining her.

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HL37 writes erotic poetry and short stories that capture the BDSM lifestyle as seen through his eyes. When he is not pushing words around with a pen, he can be found making whips, riding his motorcycle affectionately known as “the big red bitch” and planning his next tattoo.

I have been writing erotic poetry and short stories for over 10 years and recently published the first of several collections of my work thus far.

I am active in the BDSM lifestyle and much of what I write is from my own experiences.

Make Me Take It from You” covers a large time frame of my writing about what I find appealing, which is the balance of mental and physical play. BDSM is more than just hitting or punishment for me, it is about communication of needs, listening to the person I am with in that moment, and pushing them to grow and experience things they never imagined they were capable of.

I recently started making nylon whips and am launching my website soon. I have always been good with my hands and passionate about my endeavors so this has become quite a rewarding career addition.


Make Me Take It From You:

Facebook HL37:



Twitter: @HL37writes1


Instagram:   HL37writes


Be My Guest On Tuesday: R.A. Robbins & L.A. Carey Invite You To Cougar Camp

tuesdayIt’s afternoon and it’s time for something hot and spicy to get you ready for the evening. In case you missed the steamy author L.M.Mountford, my morning guest, you can catch up now by reading his guest post here.

For the afternoon slot, I promised you some southern erotica and racy adventures. I have two lovely ladies in here who would like to spread the word of their joined work. Becky Robbins and Lorraine Carey are known for their writings in different genres. Their friendship and love of humor for adults mixed with steamy situations brought to the setting up of Camp CougarOne of its readers suggests that every man should not be without a copy of this book in the bedroom”.

Camp Cougar: Erotica with a Southern Twist


L.A.Carey and R.A. Robbins



Erotica with a Southern Twist
You’ll want to have a standing reservation at Cougar Creek Resort where you will find a team of provocative and professional Cougar women to play out your fantasies.
Catching and entertaining Cubs requires some intense training. Grab a glass of wine or a cold beer and get ready for nonstop action in this brazen adult adventure. Our two naughty southern belles, Leona Patrone and Falynn Johnson, team up to create a most provocative dating and cyber service for young men. Things get heated when the classes begin at camp for the prospective Cougars who will be trained in the art of Tawdry Cyber Seduction from some of the best highly trained instructors. Only the best of the best will be chosen to represent Southern Charm Dating and Cyber Service. You’ll cry, laugh, and maybe learn a few new techniques from our Cougars.
The hilarious twists and turns of the story wrap around a surprising, budding romance. This novel is a full ride, so saddle up and get ready to be entertained.


Not since The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas has a story been able to capture the humorous side of scandalous tawdry sex in a southern theme. Our main character and brazen hussy, Leona Patrone is today’s version of Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls. Camp Cougar will whet the appetite for those looking for something steamy, provocative and humorous.

Check out Camp Cougar’s official Facebook Page here.


Leona was pleased to see Falynn arriving on time. Actually, I thought, she’d be a ‘No Show’. She answered the door in her white fluffy robe.

“Well, this guy must be into cozy things,” Falynn remarked as she stepped inside.

“Not really, but rather this.” Leona opened her robe to reveal a black lace teddy that was tied up the front with red ribbons and matching thong panties with little bows on the sides.

“Oh, my!” Falynn’s hand lightly slapped her mouth.

“I told ya, this guy is conservative.”

“Well, if that’s conservative, I would hate to see what your definition of kinky is!”

“So how did you meet Sam, pray tell?”

“Social Media. I’ve known him for a year now. As a lover of country music myself, I saw he was trying to be an up and coming artist in the industry.”

“Uh yeah, I bet he’s cuming. You worry me, Leona. You do know these relationships aren’t real, don’t you?

“That’s the best part. I have no intentions of building any long lasting bonds with these young men. It’s a simple Fantasy Fest. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. It’s just a wild, fun romp with no strings attached.”

Leona led Falynn into the kitchen and made her a martini. “When was the last time you had a good orgasm, girl?”

“Excuse me?” Falynn almost dropped her glass.

“You heard me.” Leona stood with her hands on her hips.

“Look, hon. You can either hide out in that damn dusty library behind the shelves or come out from behind those books and live a little – or let me say, live a lot.”

Falynn shrugged. “So what gives?”

“Lesson number one – you have to be relaxed. If you are uptight, you won’t perform well. Besides, we’re the experienced ones here. We need to show these Cubs just what we got.”

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B.A. Robbins & L.A. Carey

So what brought children’s author Becky Robbins and paranormal author Lorraine Carey together to create a fun and humorous adult novel?

Not too long ago, Lorraine Carey had read Becky’s children’s book, but what really caught her eye was the hilarious Redneck Poems Becky had written about sex. They were edgy, fun and out of the box. The two authors became cyber friends after reading each other’s works.

Not long after, Lorraine had a vision for a comedy adult book with Becky’s southern flare. So our two authors began to create Camp Cougar from their homes via Skype sessions. Mid book Becky flew from her home in Virginia to Miami to meet Lorraine in person who had flown in from the Cayman Islands where our ladies worked out of a hotel for a week to finish the book.

The weeklong stay in Miami was an adventure in itself. It was as if they had known each other all their lives. Our ladies found out they had similar interests and even completed each other’s sentences.

Needless to say our authors continue to collaborate on a daily basis from their homes with building a brand for Camp Cougar along with a sequel. 


I hope that the Camp Cougar ladies turned your blood to boiling hot. Join me in a few hours when I’d present the last guest and his collection of erotic poems and short stories that delve into to the physical and mental reality of the BDSM lifestyle.

Be My Guest On Tuesday: L.M. Mountford has some Confessions and Sweet Temptations For You

tuesdayWelcome to the Second Edition of Tuesday Guest Spotlight. Last week I presented three lovely ladies to your attention whose posts you can revisit now, Felicity Brandon, Lisette Kristensen, and Bree M. LewandowskiToday, if you follow my posts you’d get to meet a male erotica author, two ladies and their tawdry Cougar Camp, as well as a man who’d introduce you to the poetry of BDSM.

Now, Meet L.M.Mountford, known under the penname Dark Inferno. His work is not for the faint of heart and those easily offended by harsh language and graphic sex. Still, if you are excited by the idea of menage, dubious content, filthy sex and shameless seduction Mr. Mountford might be just the author you were looking for. Have a taste of his two works, currently available on Amazon and other retailers, Confessions and Sweet Temptations



L.M. Mountford



When Mina returns for her stepbrother’s 21st birthday, she thinks her days of lusting after him are over. Caught up in the heat and passion of the moment, she is stunned to find them back in bed together; their feelings clearly far from resolved. Haunted by her desire, and her growing appetite for , Mina now has another problem… she must head down a path of lust and desire; torn between the dark delights of the handsome bad boy down the street and her adorable stepbrother who has always been there for her. Can she confront the truth she has long tried to bury? How far will she go to save the one she wants, but knows she can never truly have?


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Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter (Special Extended Edition)


L.M. Mountford



Meet Richard Martin. Tall, dark and handsome; he’s well mannered, married to his beautiful university sweetheart, works in a job he can’t stand with people who infuriate him, and so sexually frustrated he’s about ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius…
Enter Rebecca, Scarlet and Samantha, three sirens sent by god to plague and tempt him. Will he be able to do what’s right and resist their advances, or will these temptresses lure him to the rocks?
In this first volume in Dark Inferno’s sizzling new series: Sweet Temptations, A naughty babysitter sets out to seduce her man. No matter what his wife might think, sweet and innocent, but also seductive and sexy, this tempting siren will rock your world while babysitting your kids and she is determined to lure her man into her bed…


avatarI’m L.M. Mountford.

I’m an erotica author, but please don’t judge me by that alone. I’m also trying to break into dark romance, historical action, and sci-fi/ fantasy. Honestly, though, I’m interested in anything plot that involves sex and violence. They make up some of the greatest stories in my opinion. A story is like any portrait, it needs to be made up of many colours, but make sure it has these two and you’re bound to be a susses.

When I was in school, I wanted to be an actor. I gave that up after a Final ‘E’ grade in GCSE Drama. That was a knock as everyone told me I was great. Before that and now, my dream is to be a successful author. I may be an author but I doubt I’ll ever be successful, so I largely write for the love and challenge of it.
I wrote my first story when I was 14/15. A fanfiction story that I posted online. I’m something of a anime aficionado you see, and like any little boy, my mind had a tendency to wander. After that it wasn’t long before I moved into the erotica genre, after all, what is it a boy that age thinks about, and I have been in the genre ever since.

Although I’d never really thought about self-publishing, it occurred to me when I was 21 after running across the kindle section of Amazon and seeing how many short stories had been published and were selling. It was something of an eye-opener. Until then, I’d thought KDP was for novels. Shortly after, I wrote and published Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter. I’d thought that would be the hard part, but after publishing, I came to realise it was only the beginning. Not only that, but I was woefully unprepared.

Would love to get to know you all, here are my social network and blog links, feel free to drop by and say hi.


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#MasturbationMonday – A Special Wine Tasting – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM


It’s another Manic Monday in need of sweetening so I thought of sharing a little of my favorite way to drink wine. Not recommended for mulled wine lovers yet hot enough to lift your Monday blues.

UnorthodoxTherapy“I always thought the most important thing about drinking wine was the proper glass. I couldn’t ask for a better one. The question is whether my sweet sub deserves her dessert. You’ve been very naughty today.”
“But, Sir, I was punished already.” I bit my lip and fluttered my eyelashes at him in the hope of earning his mercy. He said nothing and inclined the bottle over my breasts, pouring the cold ruby liquid down my engorged nipples. I gasped loudly and dug nails into the bend of my knees when Thomas leaned forward to lick the wine straight off my breasts. Rivulets of liquid ran down my stomach and streamed over my swollen pussy lips. He hurried to catch them with his lips before they spilled onto, the table and licked all over my skin. I couldn’t have looked away in that moment even if I’d tried. I was caught in the magic of his green gaze and the contrasting red droplets smearing his lips. Thomas pushed two fingers inside my raw pussy and opened it enough to fill my inner walls with the Syrah. My thighs trembled and I screamed with shock at the cool drink pouring inside me. The mild pain of the contact made my bruised clit throb.

You want to know what happens next? Unorthodox Therapy is live on Amazon, you can buy it for the price of a cup of coffee and enjoy its scalding hot and sweet taste.


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