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If you have never read anything I’ve written and you are not sure if you wouldn’t spend your hard earned money on someone else’s writing, here is an offer for you. My short story, The Challenge, volume I of the Strangers In The Night series, is permanently available for FREE on both Amazon and Smashwords.


Don’t be late. I have only this night. Come and prove what you can… or spend the rest of your life wondering what it could have been. Your choice.

She was a lonely, overworked and intense computer programmer. She’d spend her days absorbed by work and intellectual challenges. Her nights were filled with painful longing, kinky dreams, and masturbation.

He was an authoritative businessman with a conservative facade, boring marriage and maddening desires no partner could satisfy. The occasional stumbling in a willing woman’s bed was no relief for his needs. Until he met his match.

One unexpected encounter, one small exchanged glance would change it all. The game was on from the moment she accepted his challenge.

They have only one night together, one night to make all their fantasies come true and they have to make the most out of each available second. During that dirty night, nothing will be off the table for those unlikely partners in crime.

This is not romance. It’s a tale of lust and all those shameful desires that keep you up in the middle of the night. Would one night be enough and how much will their lust cost them?


You pull away, your face is glistening with my cunt juices. A cruel smile of triumph lights up your features when you pull out your fingers, dipped in my secretion. You finally release my wrists, bring your digits to my partly open mouth.
“Do you like how you taste… like a horny slut…” You bring your lips to my ear and bite it while you unzip your trousers. “I will fuck you now. I will fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for days. Would you like that, sexy thing?”
You tease me and test my reactions while you put your hands under my bra and try to bring my shy nipples to life. Your lips latch on my neck again, biting it savagely.
The heatwave of orgasm subsides from my frenzy mind. I squeeze my smeared thighs a little and pull away from you wiggling my finger at you. It’s my turn to take control and press you against the wall, make you a slave of my skillful lips.

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If you like what I have for you, there is a second offer. Volume II of the series, The Star, can be yours for free if you sign up for my newsletter.


One heated encounter in the back street wasn’t enough to satisfy her lust. He never suspected that by indulging her he’d wake up a beast, a woman on the prowl for more pleasure and pain. Not being the type of man who’d get scared by depravity, The Owner collared and claimed her as his property for the rest of the night. The insatiable nymph he called V was more than pleased to submit to his authority and be his plaything until dawn. He was graceful enough to let his pet choose the next stop of their lust filled journey.
How brave would V be when she and her Stranger find themselves in the back row of a seedy adult theater, in the company of partners just as kinky as them? Will the Owner have the power to control them and orchestrate her submission, down on her knees, soaked with cum and at the center of attention?
See how that once shy and serious woman turns into The Star of her own erotic dreams. How much further will V go in her self-search and need to please The Owner?


I tremble even more trying not to show fear. Your finger runs across my folds, teasing them playfully as you keep talking to the men in the same friendly way, with a warm, honey-like voice.
So seductive.
“Because you will only benefit from it. She agreed to be my whore tonight and she’ll do whatever I tell her with the four of us without complaining. However…” You grab me by the hair, arch my neck and fondle my breasts in full view of the horny man. “… she is also a lady, a lady in need to be taken care of very well. I put her pleasure in the first place.”
“Oh, we’d pleasure her, all right.” They grin in an evil way while watching me. Their hard, horny eyes devour me with an untamed lust, so different from your calm domination. “We’ll fill all her whore holes with cum.”
“She’s been neglected for too long so I want her to cum at least a few times from foreplay.”
“Foreplay?” They spit the word out with such disgust and stare at you in confusion.
“Yes… I’ll eat her out until she screams while you play with her tits. You liked them quite well, didn’t you? Why not pay them more attention before you fuck her brains off? After she has had her pleasure she’ll be a slave of your cocks.”
“We’re gonna fuck her anyway…” The black haired guy says but he sounds a lot more insecure now.
“True. But trust me. A pleasured slave is even more ravenous and willing to serve than a forced one. She will go full nymphomaniac on you if you make her cum first and don’t stop until she’s soaked.”

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