#MasturbationMonday – Out Of This World #BDSM


Happy Monday again, fellow pervs! The last two weeks drained me but I’m back on track. What better way to get some energy back in my system than some self-care.


“Now you will suck me and you won’t stop until you make me cum. You’ll swallow everything.”

I expected she’d put up a fight and try to escape my grasp. However, Sage took on the task with enthusiasm, passion and amazing attention to detail when she sucked on my fat tip, covering it in saliva. My fingers stayed in her hair, caressing it as she worked her magic and bobbed her head up and down, smearing her pretty lips with precum.

“That’s a very good girl.” I tossed my head back and moaned, gyrating my hips so Sage would suck more of my shaft. The instinct urged me to fuck her throat without regards for her pleasure but she was too damned good with her mouth and I wanted to let her do all her tricks. “You know, from the moment I met you I somehow knew your mouth would feel awesome. I was wrong.” When she blinked and licked my underside I grinned at her and growled, grasping her hair in a more aggressive way. “It’s fucking out of this world. Keep sucking, pet.”


If you want to see what other skills she has you might check the book in the Amazon jungles. Now go back to Masturbation Monday HQ for more hotness.

#MasturbationMonday – The Slow Tease of Seduction #BDSM #PowerPlay


Sometimes even the most innocent touch can make you throb in anticipation of what’s to follow… in the right circumstances. Have a lovely #MasturbationMonday and don’t forget to start the week with a dose of pleasure.


Thomas didn’t say another word, just got up from his chair. He walked slowly around the
table, just like a lion preys on an antelope. His face was perfectly still, which drove me mad with apprehension. After taking his sweet time to circle the table, Thomas finally stopped behind me.

The room had gotten unnaturally quiet except for my loud breathing. I was clutching the
armrests of my chair for dear life. My heart was beating hard and I could feel a bad premonition forming. His fingers slid down my exposed neck and he traced its curve with a slow, sensual movement. It lasted only a short instant but the warmth spread down my skin. The next thing I knew, blood rushed to my nipples and the wetness against the silk of my panties caused me to shudder. Thomas moved his palms to my shoulders and leaned forward to whisper in my ear.
“You can leave whenever you want, Lina, if it becomes too much for you. I’d hate to put you through any real distress. But just so you know…” His warm breath on my skin nearly caused me to whimper. “I’d be very disappointed if you chose that path. You’re too strong to forfeit.”
Thomas pulled away from me and spoke again in the same even tone.
“Follow me. Bring your cigarettes with you.”


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#MasturbationMonday – Destroy Her Clothes – The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo #BDSM


Hello and welcome to another amazing and freezing work week. Some of these Monday mornings staying in bed is too tempting… while you excuse yourself with fifteen more minutes you might as well fill them with pleasure.


“Do you like that skirt, little one?”
“What?” She frowned in confusion.
“I was just curious.” I shrugged as I undid the last intricate buckle. “Whether you love it
or not it’s the last time you’ll wear it.”
After taking her second boot off I grabbed a pair of scissors from the briefcase and ran
them down her thigh, over the fishnet stockings and against her wet thong. The despair was filling her eyes more and more but Sage was too much of a fighter. Too good I’ve been prepared for a battle.
The sinister sound of the scissors clicking in the quiet room interrupted only by the low
buzz of the air conditioning. I started with the front of her denim skirt and sliced the cloth in two without much effort. I would use those scissors to destroy much finer and delicate fabrics but they were rough and sturdy enough to shear pretty much anything. Their steel blades always  made my subs scream as the tip pressed against their horny bodies.
I adored some good knife play.
The useless skirt fell down so I pulled it out beneath Sage’s firm ass, throwing it on the
floor. She was left in nothing but her stockings and thong, shaking, with visible knots in her forearms as she uselessly tried to push her boundaries. The moment I pressed the lower blade to her stomach and slid it under the thong, brushing her skin with the razor sharp tool, Sage cried in genuine horror, with no lust at all.


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#MasturbationMonday -Follow The Protocol #BDSM


Early Moan Day Protocol can be surprisingly sexy when done right… or not? Have a dose of teasing pleasure before you head back to real life.


Lina squeezed her eyes and took a deep breath before she pulled my zipper down. The relief after the painful day overwhelmed me and I let out a sigh of contentment. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and pulled it out of my boxers. She gritted her teeth and held the shaft in hand a little longer than necessary but finally let go and looked at me with anxiety.
“Good enough?” Lina breathed out and closed her eyes as my nail ran down the entire length of her pounding pink clit.
“Perfect, pet, but you still need to learn the protocol. You’ll get in trouble a lot more often if you don’t start calling me Sir.”
Lina sighed with exasperation and pressed her hands to her bare thighs.
“I’m true to my word, though.” With those words, I knelt in front of her. She blinked in
surprise as if she didn’t expect we’d ever swap positions. I smiled at her as I pressed my lips to her pussy and kissed it. “Raise your arms above your head and press them against the glass. Keep them in the exact same position. Do you understand, pet?”
“Y-yes.” She obeyed and parted her legs a bit wider. “Please… Sir.” It was clear she uttered the honorific with great displeasure but it was a start.
“I’ll eat you out now.” My hands ran down the backs of her thighs and raised her upper body so I’d have full access to her tasty pussy. “But don’t make a sound or I’ll stop.”


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#MasturbationMonday – A Lesson Of Erotic #Hypnotism Foreshadowing: A Night To Remember


Morning, my faithful audience. If you are looking for an orgasmic start of your week and something that can sweet your morning coffee you’re at the right place. I’m sharing a bit of one of my short stories, Foreshadowing: A Night To Remember. A masked man, an eager young woman, two living statues… 


That was the moment when the lust prevailed, as well as the raw desire, the longing to connect and feel that burning passion he was talking about so beautifully. At that point I didn’t care who he was, I didn’t want to know anything of his life, his past. I couldn’t care less what he looked like. Our spirits were alike, and I realized he was the only one capable of seeing and appreciating the real Sophie. That epiphany reflected on my physical state and before I knew my thighs were smeared with wet juices. I squeezed them and placed my hands on the table trying to calm myself down. My nipples were visibly hard under the thin fabric of my dress.

“Care to know a little secret of mine, Sophie? The Allure of Hypnos is more than it appears.”

“Yes, it’s a brilliant piece of literature…”

“It’s a study on the art of erotic hypnotism. Allow me.” He turned to the blond goddess with the signature wicked smile. “Meagan.” My body trembled in response even if his words were aimed for her. “You will experience the most genuine orgasm you’ve ever felt in your life. And you will climax without changing your seductive position.”

Cristophe hasn’t even finished his sentence when the beautiful girl started cumming. When he gave his command to the naked Venus, Meagan, I turned my attention to her, noticing the slight shift in her eyes. By that moment, both her and ‘David’ did their part perfectly and their gazes were as listless as it gets. However, at that moment, his eyes were already burning with white hot lust. I stared at Meagan while she came, struck by her ability to climax without a change in the posture and the power of pleasure Cristophe had provoked through a simple order. The juices of climax were flowing down her perfect, marble-like thigh. I gulped, unable to conceal my enthusiasm and wish to lick her skin and drink the nectar.

I composed myself enough to make my next move and opened my purse passing the book across the table to its author.


The story was planned as a novel once… let me know if you think I should pull it out of the unfinished projects draft and expand it. However, first, go back to Masturbation Monday HQ as a lot of sweet pleasures await for you there.


#MasturbationMonday – Caught Between Two Tops – Stroker Ace #BDSM

It’s the second Moaning Monday this year. How many of your resolutions did you succeed in breaking? Whatever they are, always make sure to start the week with an orgasm. Have a little inspiration for your morning play.


12841452_251016191905511_6897506042741055706_oThe sudden rough intrusion of a solid object, much larger than a finger made her still her
movements. The muscles of her backside stiffened. It was soft material that extended her anal ring and entered slowly inch by inch. However, Annabelle was way too tense and her tight hole wasn’t loose enough so he’d put it in. Evan slapped her ass again and ordered her to relax. She moaned against Kitty and kept the humming till the other woman squeezed her head so tightly she threatened to break her neck.
“Oh, fuck, yes, make your Mistress cum, little pet!” She snarled and placed her feet on Annabelle’s back pushing her further. Kitty was about to practically drown Annabelle with the orgasm building up inside her. The pet did every trick she could think of, everything that worked for her to make Kitty get out of this world with pleasure. While she was so busy with it, sucking and licking in spite of the lack of oxygen, Annabelle didn’t even realize that Evan pushed the buttplug all the way inside her lubed up hole. The small jewelry at the base of it gleamed like a small trophy.


If you want to know how a novice gets to serve her Master and Mistress you can do a 1-click here. Go back to Masturbation Monday HQ and enjoy all the sweet little snippets for an intense and hot start of the week.


#MasturbationMonday – Stripping in a Filthy Movie Theater

Time to get real filthy on Monday and what better way to start the new year than some seedy adult theater entertainment. Join V as she gets naked for the first time and dares to make one of her most shameful fantasies come true.


finalBefore my logical side can get a chance to kick in I grab the zipper and pull it down quickly, like a band-aid. You stare at me with an approving expression while I slide the dress down my forearms. It pools down at my feet and I shimmy out of it. That is the moment I decide to test the strangers in the room. I bend over and raise my ass cheeks while picking up my beloved dress. The loud groans and crude callings just prove I am all they follow. I hear the steps behind me and raise myself as slowly as possible, with a light wiggle of my wide hips.
“Fantastic, V.” You lick your lips and reach out to run your thumb down my chest.
“Now, that bra. You have a beautiful pair of breasts and it’s a shame to cover them.”
“Yeah, baby, show us your tits.” One of the guys calls out from behind me.
“Man, did you see that ass?”
Why do these rude, objectifying phrases turn me on so badly? I take the straps off my
shoulders and undo the bra, letting my big breasts spring out of their restraints.
“Turn around so these fine gentlemen can see you.”
I was burning, either of shame or desire, as I follow your order and face the men who
are stroking for me. They are so clear to see now in the light that was streaming from the
screen. My body is lit up as well and at that moment I truly feel like a porn star, larger than
life, insatiable and ready to give them the night of their wildest, filthiest dreams.


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#MasturbationMonday – Sinfully Delicious Audio #BDSM


Hello to all of you, naughty Moaning Day lovers! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, you haven’t died of overeating and that you are in the mood to get your pulse racing with some steamy erotic content. Over the holidays a dear friend of mine with a honey like and seductive voice made me a present by reading an excerpt of my novel. I thought I might share that with you in lieu of a paragraph. I hope you’d enjoy it.

I grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look into my eyes. It was high time to unleash my restraints and get what my body craved. Our lips clashed in a savage kiss as my palm reached for her neck and squeezed it lightly. Her aroused moan echoed in my mouth and made my blood boil with lust. I dragged Lina’s helpless, fervent body to the panoramic window with my fingers wrapped around her throat… Listen more.

If that turns you on go and get your copy here or leave me a comment. Then head back to the Masturbation Monday Headquarters for more hot snippets.

#MasturbationMonday – A Special Wine Tasting – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM


It’s another Manic Monday in need of sweetening so I thought of sharing a little of my favorite way to drink wine. Not recommended for mulled wine lovers yet hot enough to lift your Monday blues.

UnorthodoxTherapy“I always thought the most important thing about drinking wine was the proper glass. I couldn’t ask for a better one. The question is whether my sweet sub deserves her dessert. You’ve been very naughty today.”
“But, Sir, I was punished already.” I bit my lip and fluttered my eyelashes at him in the hope of earning his mercy. He said nothing and inclined the bottle over my breasts, pouring the cold ruby liquid down my engorged nipples. I gasped loudly and dug nails into the bend of my knees when Thomas leaned forward to lick the wine straight off my breasts. Rivulets of liquid ran down my stomach and streamed over my swollen pussy lips. He hurried to catch them with his lips before they spilled onto, the table and licked all over my skin. I couldn’t have looked away in that moment even if I’d tried. I was caught in the magic of his green gaze and the contrasting red droplets smearing his lips. Thomas pushed two fingers inside my raw pussy and opened it enough to fill my inner walls with the Syrah. My thighs trembled and I screamed with shock at the cool drink pouring inside me. The mild pain of the contact made my bruised clit throb.

You want to know what happens next? Unorthodox Therapy is live on Amazon, you can buy it for the price of a cup of coffee and enjoy its scalding hot and sweet taste.


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#MasturbationMonday – Sweet, Spicy Taste of a #Punished Girl – Professor’s Brat #BDSM


Last week we had some oral fixation and mouth fucking. Now it’s the ladies’ turn, with some additional pain to sweeten the pleasure.


My quiet words are followed by another loud crack against her sore and painful pussy. Scarlett closes her eyes and lets the tears flow freely, ruining her make up. Her young body is torn between the conflicting sensations, but she raises her ass as if begging for more. The moment she prepares her pussy for the next smack it never comes. Instead, my wet, warm tongue surprises her with a few long licks from her clit to her ass crack. From my kneeling position, I see how her nails dig against her palm.

“Moan as much as you want, brat, you got your prize. But don’t think you’re off the hook. Don’t you dare cum.” I slide my tongue in her drenched pussy and collect as much of her juice as I can slurping it like a nectar. That sweet, spicy taste overwhelms me and I lap at her essence like a man dying of thirst who had finally reached an oasis. While I feast on her I use her wetness to probe her tight ass. Scarlett makes her sweet, whimpering sounds that slowly increase to loud cries of lust.


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