Snow and Moon


Kremena dropped the product bags on the kitchen floor and kicked the large mineral water container under the table. She took off her heavy coat and placed it on the chair’s backrest. Then she started digging inside the contents of her large handbag. She had to change the ring tone of that damned thing but she never found the time for that. “And for so many other things.” She discarded the gloomy thought, she tossed it at the closet of her mind and laid her fingers on the overused, scratched mobile phone.

A familiar phone number.

A familiar name.

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I will not miss you

Well, we know I’m going away

and how I wish, I wish it weren’t so

So take this wine and drink with me

let’s delay our misery

Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Last night.

Tomorrow I’m saying goodbye to everything I’ve ever known, to every dear, native, unbearable or hated part of my life. I will leave behind my whole existence up to that moment… and I don’t know if I would find a way back some day.

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