Professor’s Brat

Professor's BratBlurb:

“And now you know the difference between the pleasure of pain and the pain of punishment. Off the desk and down on your knees. It’s time to evaluate your pretty little mouth. Show me if you are really worthy of an A.”

I’ll have that pretty little redheaded brat sooner than she thinks. I’ll be looking down on her cute painted nails and crimson lipstick. She may have had all of the other students in her before, but she’s never had a real man.

She’s infuriated me since the beginning of school with her incessant sarcasm and complete disregard for the rules. Now she’s legal, though, and I’ll show her that detention will be the least of her punishments.

I bet that she hasn’t even had it in her back door. The little slut has everyone else wound around her finger, but not me. I’ll show her what it’s like to take a man in every one of her holes, and I won’t be gentle about it. I can’t wait to see what she looks like with drool dripping down her chin. And the marks on her behind will be amazing. Crimson stripes along that pale skin to match her hair and lipstick.

She’ll be a good little pet after this afternoon…


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She sits there with her delectable legs closed and stares at me with a slight smirk on her pretty face. Those cat-like green eyes don’t even blink as Scarlett parts lips showing the chewing gum on her tongue. I grit my teeth and wrap my thick fingers around the marker I’ve been holding. That little brat sure knows how to push my buttons. If she only is aware what plans I have for that cute mouth of hers perhaps she wouldn’t open it so much. Or would she?

Sometimes I swear I see more than just a challenge in her impertinent behavior. Whenever she thinks I am not looking I often catch her checking me out with obvious appreciation.

I let my gaze trail from her face framed in flaming red hair down to her voluptuous tits that look so inviting under the thin white blouse. I bet that all the boys in that classroom had spent many lonely hours jerking off imagining Scarlett’s perfect boobs and amazing ass. The school uniform fits her hourglass figure perfectly and the pleated skirt is short enough to show most of those infinite legs. How is it possible that even simple socks look better on her fine calves than the lingerie on other women?

I remember my wife in those rare moments when she wore something sexy. But it never has the same effect as the sight of my brazen-faced student with her striped, knee-length socks. I was always rock hard after I had to teach Math to that little minx.

It takes every bit of control not to bare her sweet ass in front of everyone and discipline her as she should be. Now that is something to dream about. Little Miss Scarlett down on her knees, crying her apologies while I slap my fat cock against her pale skin, the precum running down and mixing with her tears and mascara. No more of that impish expression on her face.

I’ve lusted after her and longed to make Scarlett my slutty pet ever since she got enrolled into the school last year. Back then she strode to me with that signature arrogant expression, arms crossed before her chest and the chewing gum in her mouth. I was instantly smitten like I haven’t been since my earliest hormonal teen years. And then she started talking.

“Listen, I’m well aware you won’t teach me anything useful.” Scarlett rolled her emerald eyes. “So how about this? I take all the tests in advance and if I get a straight As you’d let me off the hook? I have more important things to do with my time than watching you trying to hammer some knowledge into the heads of those imbeciles. Deal?”

Later I learned that she offered the same to the rest of my co-workers. At that time, I thought that little brat was just full of shit. But the truth is that Scarlett is a lot more than a set of juicy breasts, luscious ass, and pretty face. I hate to say it, but the girl is smart, smarter than any student I have had before her, possibly a genius.

She spends all the time in my classes chewing gum, not writing a single line in the notebook before her, acting bored. The damned brat doesn’t even try to show some interest. However, her test results, homework, and school projects are brilliant. Scarlett is nothing but straight As, encyclopedia knowledge and bright academic future.

The full package. Beauty, brains, curves to kill for… and the most unpleasant personality you could imagine. Scarlett believes she is better than anyone else and entitled to treat those around her as inferior species.

She is in desperate need of a firm hand and a lesson of humility. A lesson I have been ready to give her without holding back.



“The professor/student fantasy has been re-written thousands of times, but the author does a very good job of hitting all of the right buttons. Nothing is rushed, and the professor’s inner dialogue is very convincing. Scarlett, the fantasy red-head’s transformation from brat to submissive is quick, but very well done. Most of the short stories in this kink are unbelievable and require too much suspension of disbelief, but this isn’t just a “You’re getting a spanking for being rude” professor/student story.”

Lexie Syrah,

author of Torn: A Dark BDSM Romance

“For such a short story, the author manages to imbue the characters with quite a bit of depth. I think this is because she focuses on the dynamic between the two characters and how their actions physically, mentally and emotionally effect each other. This exactly the type of writing that gets me hot.”

Kat Crimson,

author of the Hardwood’s Harlots