#MasturbationMonday – Sweet, Spicy Taste of a #Punished Girl – Professor’s Brat #BDSM


Last week we had some oral fixation and mouth fucking. Now it’s the ladies’ turn, with some additional pain to sweeten the pleasure.


My quiet words are followed by another loud crack against her sore and painful pussy. Scarlett closes her eyes and lets the tears flow freely, ruining her make up. Her young body is torn between the conflicting sensations, but she raises her ass as if begging for more. The moment she prepares her pussy for the next smack it never comes. Instead, my wet, warm tongue surprises her with a few long licks from her clit to her ass crack. From my kneeling position, I see how her nails dig against her palm.

“Moan as much as you want, brat, you got your prize. But don’t think you’re off the hook. Don’t you dare cum.” I slide my tongue in her drenched pussy and collect as much of her juice as I can slurping it like a nectar. That sweet, spicy taste overwhelms me and I lap at her essence like a man dying of thirst who had finally reached an oasis. While I feast on her I use her wetness to probe her tight ass. Scarlett makes her sweet, whimpering sounds that slowly increase to loud cries of lust.


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Teaser of Stroker Ace

Have you read my novella Stroker Ace yet? If its nomination for best BDSM book in the Menage category is not enough to persuade you maybe that little teasing excerpt may tip the scales for you


“Hello, Annabelle. We were waiting for you. What is wrong, you look a bit pale, sweetheart.”

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