#MasturbationMonday Dirty Office Games #BDSM 18+


I think I finally have a beautiful reason to be happy with the inevitable Monday mornings. Get happy and if there isn’t anyone to pleasure you you’d better pleasure and pamper yourself. Just be careful not to get caught with your hand down your undies. Or maybe this is what you secretly crave?


Thomas placed his hand on my inner thigh and dipped his fingers in the thick film of sweat and pussy juices covering my skin.

“Mmm, I don’t know, boss. I remember this one time we had a boardroom meeting.” When he continued speaking, my fingers twitched. Thomas noticed and immediately slapped my wrist. The impact was not as strong as the bite but still enough to draw my attention. “So, there you were, preparing the last details of the presentation. You were breathing hard, like a woman who was just fucked.” Thomas speared his fingers in front of my face to show the glistening juices running down his knuckles. “I already knew you well enough. You were never shy or nervous at all about pitching your ideas. You had received your nicotine fix. Besides, I could smell you so clearly…” He brought his fingers closer to my lips so I could smell my own spicy fluids. “You were horny, weren’t you? Like a bitch in heat. If only you’d been honest back then I would have taken care of you.”

“These are all speculations, Thomas.” Why did he have to be so observant? The thought he had known all these years embarrassed me but it also thrilled me. “Oh, yes?” He ran his digits down my neck, coating me with the evidence of how stupidly horny I was. “It was the only time while I was working for you when you got mad at me. I lied and told you I’d forgotten my iPad so I’d have an excuse to go back to your office.”

I remembered. I’d snapped at him and demanded angrily that he get back as soon as possible. Later, I’d felt guilty for being such a bitch to him. Thomas got a profound apology and it never happened again. “Yes, but–”

“You were in such a hurry you had forgotten to lock your door.” He smirked and brought his fingertips to my face so he could continue coating me. I breathed out and closed my eyes in shame. He was right. My bad habits were running a mile long. “Can you imagine my surprise when I pulled your executive chair, boss?” Thomas licked the remains of my juices from his fingers. “Have you ever tasted yourself after fingering? Do you lick the vibrators after using them?”


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