#WIPITUP Wednesday – A Sexy #Redhead in a #BDSM Club – Unorthodox Chemistry


Much to my regret, the WIPITUP Wednesday blog ceased its activity but since it is something I enjoyed a lot, I decided to continue with the snippets, as long as I have some work in progress. I’m considering to start a version of my own, eventually, with a different name and a hashtag.

This week you get a small peek into Thomas’ thoughts as he is slowly making his way back in the game, at an intense party for his best friend’s birthday. Next week you’ll get either a beautiful stage performance or his first clash with Lina after months of not seeing her. 🙂 Or something else entirely.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy.




The blonde woman smiled with cruelty and raised a pair of nipple clamps dangling from a sturdy chain. The Dom held the girl by the chin in a firm grasp while her Mistress was attaching the clamps to the gum drop sized, pulsing nipples. The bound girl cried out and I could hear the anguish even from so far away. She was so beautiful in her suffering, so lost in the moment, giving her arousal, pain and full obedience to the tops. The man took a few steps back and after sharing a few words with the Mistress, he raised his flogger and struck at the redhead’s chest, straight across the chain.

The expression on the submissive’s face was shifting from elation to begging, anxiety, and pain, torn between the harsh tug of her flesh and the pleasure of her pussy being widened. That was the kind of look that always got to me, that helplessness and despair, fighting with the lust and need.

If only I could get closer so I’d fully drink on the emotion, savor that stranger’s reaction on her journey through subspace. The arousal of watching her shift her state of mind and body, so trusting and obedient, made my own body burn with lust and zeal I hadn’t felt for months. It’s been so long since I’ve watched any kind of play. I had forgotten the beauty of power exchange. She was fully giving herself, without any restraints or hesitation, embracing the pain with just as much willingness as the pleasure. The red stripes on her body were getting brighter, just as her eyes as the man tugged the chain down and the woman hit her straight across the clit with her long nails.

It was so mesmerizing I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, among the busy club environment. These three people didn’t notice anything beyond the scene, sharing it with the world and yet ignoring its presence. I was sure that if I approached them and asked in a quiet, respectful way they’d allow me to assist them. Their little pet was deceptive in her frailty but something about her face made me think she could take a lot. The more they were beating her the wetter she was getting and the ecstasy was easier to hear in her begging screams.

It would be thrilling to hold the power once again, to make her scream and put her through her paces, help her get to places she’s never been.


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