#SatSpanks I Can Take You To Dark Scary Places #BDSM


Morning to all lovers of spanking for discipline and fun. Have a little snippet of my sexy summer romance (Okay, okay, my sexy dub-con hardcore yet sweet summer romance).



Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.

#SatSpanks teaser

“Sage. I’m not here to judge you.” In a rush of bravery, I kissed her cheek and withdrew
before she could react. “Just talk to me.”
“They’d say I was topping from the bottom and that I was a very bad submissive. Or that
they couldn’t handle my bratty ways.”
That was a huge red flag even if I couldn’t fully trust what someone from her past would
say. Sage was a total brat, that was easy to see. Perhaps taming her would be a hell of a difficult job, let alone trying a relationship with such a wild, unpredictable woman. It would be easier if I kept her on my list as another kinky friend with benefits.
I couldn’t do it, though. I knew what I wanted, and going back to my old ways was no
longer an option.
“Listen.” I brought my face closer to her and cupped her face. “What we did last night
was actually rather tame. You have no idea what I’m capable of once I really unleash myself. I can take you to such dark, scary places you’d be at risk of losing your sanity. Once we start the way you want to, there may never be a way back.” My lips brushed briefly against hers. “Safewords are also a way for me to keep myself under control. I am ready to give you what you crave but I want to know I can bring you back in one piece, that I wouldn’t break or damage you.”

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If you want to learn more of their dynamics you can 1-click here or check it out on Kindle Unlimited.

Meanwhile, check out the other small pieces of heat at SatSpanks Headquarters

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#SatSpanks – Do You Enjoy #Pain? Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM

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Morning, spankers and spankees. May you have a lovely weekend ahead of you filled with all the corporate punishment and pleasure you crave. I have one little snippet from Unorthodox Therapy for you. Read along if you like nipple clamps.




I’ve no intention of explaining my every command to you, pet. As a matter of fact, quit asking questions and do as you’re told. Take your clothes off. Now.
Lina Riley has proved herself as the tough as nails CEO of her own tech startup. She’s a masterful business negotiator, successful by any measure, but every day she’s losing her battle with nicotine addiction. Thomas Jett, her former protégé, is a rising star in software development, one of her most promising employees. He might just have the right solution to her problems.
To the world, Thomas is a sweet, refined gentleman. He opens doors for ladies and lights their cigarettes, not that Lina should be smoking in the first place. Little does she suspect him of having secret life: one of firm discipline, intense sexual dominance, and a well-equipped dungeon.
Lina will agree to play by his rules: a master’s discipline and uncompromising control. Spanking is merely the start of Lina experiencing her wildest and most shameful fantasies. She’ll learn the cruelty of orgasm denial and the thrill of submission at Thomas’ feet.
Is their depraved passion and lust for each other what they truly need? Or will it lead them to disgrace and heartbreak?


“You’ve been such a good girl, even if I had to constantly put you in line. You’re lucky I like my subs bratty and sassy. A stricter Master wouldn’t have let you get away with so much. Still… you earned your reward, my pet.”
Thomas pulled his cock out of my mouth and reached around to smack my ass again.
“Do you enjoy pain, Lina? Do you get you wet when I hurt you?” As if he didn’t know
already. My nipples were almost numb and adjusted to the weight of the metal on them. His question was followed by a series of soft smacks on my ass that made me wince and arch my neck with delight.
“I love it when you spank me…” My eyes narrowed into half slits and I writhed like a snake, amazed at how sensitive I was. I hadn’t thought I could get any wetter. “The clamps feel good, but the cane was too much.”
Thomas chuckled and reached out to the metal device attached to my breasts.
“It was meant to be too much, pet. How would you learn discipline if I gave you only
sensations you enjoyed?” He pulled the chain one more time, like a cat toying with a string. “Caning can be a rather sensual experience, though. If you’re a good girl I’ll show you someday. Now, let’s see how much more pain you can endure. I’m far from finished with you.”
This guy didn’t believe in easing people into the experience, but as overwhelmed as I was, I’d simply die if he stopped now. The sweat was coating me like a shining second skin. I was burning with the need to find relief. That was the moment Thomas began to unscrew the clamp from my left nipple. As soon as the restrained blood pumped back into my heaving breast, I screamed at the top of my lungs. The tender flesh of my nipples felt as if someone had been twisting and fondling them for hours. The acute pain poured into me like a powerful drug. How could such torment bring me so much unexpected pleasure? Thomas caressed the aching bud of my breast. The erotic impulse of the simple motion went straight to my brain and was almost enough to make me cum. My blood circulation was slowly coming back to normal but I kept writhing, caught between the intense ache and heightened, twisted pleasure.


If you are curious about what happens after she has her clamps off (and before that) you can buy the book hereNow, head back to Saturday Spanking Inc. for more Saturday pleasures and punishment.

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#WIPITUP Wednesday – A Generous Gift For The Young #Mistress – Unorthodox Chemistry


Hello to all the Wipsters and welcome to the first edition of the fully restored WIPITUP Wednesday blog. The lovely author Meredith O’Reilly  was awesome enough to rekindle the project and start a new Linky Tools account so special thanks to her and her dedication. The blog has a new address in here.

I haven’t made much progress with Unorthodox Chemistry, or at least not much since the last time I posted. Now that 2017 has officially started I’ll get my ass in gear and make a progress with it. There are so many things that keep me from fully immersing in it and writing but I’ll find the time. Meanwhile, enjoy a little something from Chapter 8.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy, live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.



It’s been months since the dominant programmer Thomas Jett parted ways with Lina Riley, his boss, mentor and submissive lover. Thomas is drowning in his own guilt and doubts, desperately trying to find peace with his past and forgiveness for his sins. Lina struggles to rebuild her destroyed life, her reputation as a CEO and not completely lose her sanity.

They can’t forget the intense chemistry and intimate connection they shared, the passion and the dynamics of their power exchange. And what is worse, neither Lina nor Thomas can move past the horror of the night that tore them apart.

One unexpected night will reunite them and ignite the embers of their furious, painful passion. While they are struggling with their invisible demons a very real enemy waits in the shadows, ready for a revenge. Will Lina find strength in subspace or that would be her ultimate demise? Can Thomas regain control over her and what is most important, over the darkest parts of his own psyche?


While we were making our way through the crowd several tops approached Mistress Sheila. They were uttering her name with a respect and offering her their subs as a treat. One of them who introduced himself as Sir Walter, a gentleman in his sixties, with a goatee and a silver cane, was quite the impressive case. He held two subs by their leashes, a man and a woman who were kneeling obediently by their Master’s feet. They had the perfect bodies of people who work out all the time, slave collars signifying they were owned and tattoos of his initials on their hips. Their eyes were cast down in a perfect obedience. I noticed that they even moved in a synchronous fashion.

Aren’t they adorable?” Sir Walter snickered and patted their heads. “They could easily pass as twins. Sometimes I have them roleplay as a brother and sister and they are really good at it. It’s a rare to find someone who is so convincing during rape play.” The girl shivered as he ran his fingers down her chin, to her heavy collar. “They’ll do everything you tell them, Mistress, are you sure you don’t want them for the night? I’d love to see what a young lady like you can do with my slaves. They were trained to please both men and women.”

Did the old fucker just look at me in a suggestive way? Seriously, have I started exuding some gay vibe?

Allie smiled widely and I could see in her eyes she was tempted. Most of her former official subs were men in their late thirties or early forties but she had a pretty various sexual appetite. Usually, she’d accept his offer without blinking an eye and put the pseudo twins through their paces.


That’s all for now, I must go back to writing. If you visit my website for the first time and you are interested in keeping up with my work, feel free to subscribe to Lilah’s steamy mailing list. You even get a free story – http://eepurl.com/b4sN_H. And now head back to the WIPIT UP HQ for more snippets of works in progress.

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#MasturbationMonday – Sinfully Delicious Audio #BDSM


Hello to all of you, naughty Moaning Day lovers! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, you haven’t died of overeating and that you are in the mood to get your pulse racing with some steamy erotic content. Over the holidays a dear friend of mine with a honey like and seductive voice made me a present by reading an excerpt of my novel. I thought I might share that with you in lieu of a paragraph. I hope you’d enjoy it.

I grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look into my eyes. It was high time to unleash my restraints and get what my body craved. Our lips clashed in a savage kiss as my palm reached for her neck and squeezed it lightly. Her aroused moan echoed in my mouth and made my blood boil with lust. I dragged Lina’s helpless, fervent body to the panoramic window with my fingers wrapped around her throat… Listen more.

If that turns you on go and get your copy here or leave me a comment. Then head back to the Masturbation Monday Headquarters for more hot snippets.

#TeaserTuesday – Attitude Correction #BDSM #Femdom

Punishment Without Crime

“Listen here, whore!” Her voice got to a high pitched squeal. All the blood had rushed to her face. “I don’t know what game you are playing but…”

As lazy and relaxed as she was the moment when Annabelle opened her mouth Kitty’s hand darted for the back of her neck like a viper snake. Annabelle let a loud gasp as her guest pulled a few tresses of her elegant hairstyle and yanked them back as if they were reigns. She made a mewling sound and Kitty laughed in condescending manner reaching out for her thin wrist

“You know what, sweetheart, your bitch act is really transparent.” Just now Annabelle realized how much taller the other woman was, she was practically hovering over her body. The sense of thrill and helplessness overwhelmed her, battling with the anger in her system. Kitty traced her long fingernail along Annabelle’s cheek and ran it down her neck till she reached her heaving tits. “I’ve dealt with some real bitches and let me tell you what, Annie, they’ll eat you for breakfast.” She kissed her captive’s ear and whispered in it. “All I will tell you is that in the end, they were at my feet, tamed and purring like kittens. So don’t think you even stand a chance. You’re not a bitch.” Kitty grabbed Annabelle’s small ass through the pencil skirt and squeezed it tightly making her moan against her will. The poor thing was so shocked by the assault that her tongue was still tied. And to her great dismay, Kitty’s arrogant behavior was like catnip for her pussy. When she mentioned of all those previous women kneeling at her feet Annabelle sensed a strong throb in her clit. All of her previous defiances was slipping out of her gasp. The shame was clearly etched on her face even if she couldn’t see it.

“Do you know what you are?” Kitty kept licking her neck and was slowly, so very slowly hiking her skirt. How could that humiliation turn her on so much? “You’re a little brat who is desperate to be punished.” Annabelle groaned loudly as Kitty’s teeth sank in her earlobe. “Tell yourself whatever you want but I know you. You secretly hope that some day Evan will not be able to take it and that he will finally discipline your ass as you deserve.”

One Click keeps you away from the full debauchery of that story – http://mybook.to/StrokerAce

Stroker Ace.jpg

Author Spotlight: Patrick Khayler

Patrick Khayler was one of the first writers of erotic romance of the opposite sex I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. He is a creator of beautiful and sensual tales, fascinating characters and plots that keep the reader hooked to his novels. Make no mistake, my guest today is not a self-proclaimed Casanova who writes his books as memoirs. He is a loving husband and father and his significant other is his greatest muse. However, he also has a kinky, liberated mind, curiosity and incredible, clinical observance of human nature, sexuality, needs, and drives. Today I’ll present you his world of awakening. I know you’re not afraid of the spotlight, Patrick, so come forward.


Lilah: I usually have ladies for the Author Spotlight but today I’d like to present to you one of the finest new male writers in the erotic romance genre. Hello, Patrick, it’s a huge pleasure to have you in here. How does it feel to be a man in a genre usually associated with female writers? Do you feel well among so many women?

Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Patrick Khayler”

Teaser of The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo: Summer


Tonight I finally hit the publish button. It is soon going live if the gods of the Amazon are merciful enough so I’d like to tease your imagination a little. Subscribe to my mailing list if you want to be the first who’d learn when the story is live and available for order.


You know… you almost gave me a tattoo machine fetish back then.” I explained to her matter of factly as I squatted next to the briefcase. “Sometimes I still get hard whenever I see someone getting tattooed. That stinging sensation…” I grinned at her and pulled the new violet wand I bought a few weeks ago. Little did I know back then how soon I’d get to use it. “I think it is fair to give you a similar sensation.” The electrode I planned to use on her was a lot smaller than the plasma balls I had a soft spot for. This one was in the form of a long, glass tube that curved at the end, with a mushroom head. “You ever tried some of these?” I dangled the device by its cable it in front of her eyes the same way she did with my car keys back then. She shook her head and paled a little, biting her lips with fear in her eyes. “No worries, pet, you’ll love it. It’s a shame no one used it on you, with how sensitive you are.” After some hesitation, I also picked up my favorite Wartenberg pinwheel and stuffed it in my pocket, out of her sight.

I… Please, use it on me.”

Good girl.” I stroked her hair and plugged the cord into the outlet under her tattoo chair. The glass tube slowly heated up under Sage’s amazed eyes and she swallowed. Then she licked her lips and watched the pale blue light inside the glass, with fear and curiosity but not revulsion. I had no idea whether that was Sage’s first brush with kink but that woman was fucking natural.

Without giving her any warning I pulled my still hard cock out and put it back between her lips.

Suck me real slow while I test it on you. We’ll do some slow direct touch. Don’t you dare hurry up too much, let alone take me deep down your throat or I’ll punish you. Trust me, I have no problem doing things you can’t handle. Do you understand?”


I had to bite my tongue to correct her and make her refer to me as Master. But I couldn’t get her to attach to me or start thinking she was my sub. For a moment the temptation was so strong it choked me, just like those words I never told her during that night. Calling her “pet” was bad enough and probably my worst fuck up for the entire evening.

I moaned slightly while Sage served my cock with her soft, loving licks, smooching the tip and running her tongue all around it. It was time to taste if she was ready for some serious play. The butt plug was nestled nicely inside her tight ass and her pierced clit was swollen and dripping juices. I grinned again and placed the tip of the tube against her left nipple, red and swollen from my rough treatment earlier.

Sage whimpered as the electrical sparkles licked her skin and made her body tense. I ran the wand between her breasts, holding its plastic container tight while my cock was bathed by her talented mouth.

It feels so good…” She whispered against my engorged head and kept sucking it. I hissed and kept the device longer on her other nipple, enjoying the vibrations of her smooth skin. My action coaxed another, a longer cry of pleasure and intensity out of her.

And if you only knew how good it would feel on your clit piercing. I’m not sure you can handle it, though. Let’s see.” In response Sage sucked me harder and ran her teeth against the mushroom of my cock, nibbling it very lightly. I chuckled and ran the wand against her mound, right over the landing strip of trimmed jet black hair. “Bad girl. Using teeth already? I’d have to break you out of that habit… or encourage it.”

Her pupils dilated when the smooth surface of my device slid against the hoop of her piercing. The scream died in her throat as I used the perfect moment to ram my shaft deep and rough in her mouth. The beautiful violet sparkles were flying off the metal on her vulnerable flesh. Sage looked as if she was being electrocuted in that moment, writhing on the chair, rolling her eyes and trying to escape from the powerful charge. She was crying hard against my cock that was killing all her protests and groans. I held her hair with one hand and proceeded to facefuck her. I was curious to see how long she’d last with the violet wand right on her clit, the metal conducting electricity to her most intimate zones. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and her pussy was leaking with juices that streamed at the base of the butt plug.

By that point, her poor tortured clit became way too red and sensitive so I withdrew the wand but didn’t stop fucking her mouth. The way her pussy lips quivered with the remaining effects of electricity made me horny like a beast and I went savage on her until her tits were fully covered in overflowing, slick spit.

I reached out to spank her pussy and as I expected my palm was instantly coated with such a thick and creamy secretion I knew Sage wouldn’t last very long. But where was the fun in not punishing the bad girl for being so insatiable?

An Exclusive Excerpt of Strangers In The Night: The Star



One heated encounter in the back street wasn’t enough to satisfy her lust. He never suspected that by indulging her he’d wake up a sexual beast, a woman on the prowl for more pleasure and pain. Not being the type of man who’d get scared by depravity and filth, The Stranger collared and claimed her as his property for the rest of the night. The insatiable nymph he called V was more than pleased to submit to his authority and be his plaything until dawn. He was graceful enough to let his pet choose the next stop of their lust filled journey.
How brave would V be when she and her Stranger find themselves in the back row of a seedy adult theater? Can she handle herself when they are surrounded by a group of horny men more than willing to put her through her paces? Will the Stranger have the power to control them and orchestrate her submission, down on her knees, soaked with cum and at the center of attention?
See how that once shy and serious woman turns into The Star of her own erotic dreams. How much further will V go in her self-search and need to please The Stranger?


I read a dark excitement in your eyes but you remain still, your hands casually resting on your hips. A sigh escapes my chest and I say sadly before I turn to leave.

“I guess I fooled myself. I’m sure you’ll find many girls who…”

You never give me the chance to finish those words. How can I expect that someone with your nearly lazy grace will pin me down so fast? I gasp as you grab my wrists in an iron grip, turn me around and push me against the wall, with my cheek pressed to the bricks. Your breath caresses my neck and hair while you lean forward to suck my earlobe and grind your still hard cock against my ass, over the dress.

“Perfect answer, little one, perfect answer. I have no interest in fooling naive girls or waste my time seducing them.” I cry out and writhe when you sink your teeth into my skin; not expecting to receive such a savage bite, as if I’m a she-wolf that you mark as your own. Your crotch presses against my tender flesh and I groan, wishing you would fuck me again. That we’ll be heard, that someone will come and see me in that disgraceful position.

The dizziness and lust take over as the voice of logic retires in the recesses of my mind.

When you finally let go of my flesh, after leaving a pulsing, painful mark on my neck I gasp and thrust my waist back, in an invitation.

You keep whispering and this time, you hold my wrists with two hands.

“It’s a relief to have a play partner I don’t have to lie to. I’ve seduced girls with easy tricks but they’re no challenge. All of them were so sensitive that even the light spanking made them scream. I always had to stop, hold back, restrain myself around them.” You lick my neck and I cry out in despair. “But you, little one, you are a tough and clever girl. I have absolutely no intention of holding back with you tonight.”

“Then don’t! I’m not made of glass. Fuck me again, now!” I hiss and keep moving the back of my ass to rub against you, to tempt you.

You chuckle and order me with a much firmer voice when you let go of my wrists.

“Keep them up and don’t you dare move an inch.” With these words he raised my dress and ran his fingers down the tender skin of my ass and over the folds of my pussy, still full of his own seed. “You got the situation just right, little one. You won’t be my date tonight, you’ll be my private whore, my slutty pet and you’ll do whatever I order you. If there is something you’d hate I suggest that you tell me now because after that I won’t stop.”

You pinch my clit between your forefinger and thumb and stroke it until I am moaning even louder than before. Whoever is passing by that dark sideway street is sure to hear my calling of a horny cat.

“It’s been a while for you, hasn’t it? When was the last time you’ve been fucked before tonight, slut?”

“I…” A sudden shyness and vulnerability take possession of my brain. A strange sensation, given that you are stroking my pussy lips and driving me wild with his fingers on my clit. If someone else joined us they’d see my bare ass and how I was leaning against the wall with gathered wrists, groaning, needy and pathetic. So what place did I have for shame in my mind? “It’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Then we’d better start with the embarrassment here.” I winced when he collected some of his sperm and stroked the thumb of his available hand against my asshole. “I plan on stripping you naked in every sense of the word.” He removed my hair to kiss me on the shoulder and press me harder against the wall. “I may not have a leash for you now but you’ll be my pet and I’ll be your Master. I can tell you that by the end of the night you won’t need clothes. You’ll service me and those close to me. You will present your holes for fucking to both men and women without even flinching. You’ll be inspected, whipped, probed and kept wet at all times.”

You bite my earlobe this time, in a more playful way while your fingers probe my cunt.

“You’ll be obliged to drink all the cum that you coax and you will always look up when those above you paint your pretty face.” He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. “You’ll be a very good girl, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will be…” I groaned and tightened my walls around your hand, writhing and coating you with our mixed fluids. “Please…”

“Until the rest of the night you will call me Owner and you will feel what it’s like to be owned, little one.” He stroke my hair. “Forget who you have been until tonight. Your job, friends, your old lovers. You are a new woman tonight. Forget even your name. Tonight…” He inserted two more fingers inside me and bit my shoulder. “I will call you nothing but V. That is your new identity and the name on your collar.”

Do you want more? The Star is Going LIVE on Amazon this Monday, 09/05/2016. If you want to be the first to get a link and get that story for less than a dollar why don’t you subscribe to my mailing list? You’ll be also the first to learn of my new sales, releases, and special offers, as well as to get some gifts.

An Exclusive Excerpt of The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo: Summer

The rough draft of that first novella of my upcoming Sage Phoenix series is finally  finished. The expected date of release is either August 22nd or August 23d. Meanwhile, here is a little teaser. It’s not edited yet.



Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.


Do you really think one minute in your pussy could make it up for all the trouble and grief I had when dealing with you, little brat?” She raised her legs and dug the heels of her boots in the leather, trying desperately to keep control and failing miserably. I yanked her hair again so hard that the skin at the root of her hair went red with the intensity of the pull. She was still shell shocked with my sudden aggression and laid beneath me, panting, with her pupils slowly dilating.

Sage was right where I wanted her to be.

Finally, my little victim found her voice and uttered in a last attempt to win through her seductive purr.

It would have lasted a lot longer if you had lasted too, Paul. It’s not my fault you came so quickly.” The smile on her face was just as wicked as always but Sage was slowly unraveling. Her lips were wide open for a kiss, her nipples were hard as pebbles and she was raising her hips to grind them against my crotch. Probably without even realizing it.


She probably didn’t see it coming, that would explain the loud gasp of protest as I crushed my lips against her, bit them to the bleeding point and forced her to open her mouth. Her moans were muffled as I pushed my tongue in and rubbed it against hers. Sage struggled and writhed under me but wasn’t trying even a bit hard enough to release herself. My hands found themselves on her soft, pulsing throat and I thrust my fingers in the back of her soft neck until she screamed. I was bruising her delicate skin. It would take just a bit more to crush her completely, break her windpipe and catch the last breaths of her life. Instead, I grasped her hard enough to hurt and bruise her but I was merely depriving her of air, controlling how much she’d get as I was devouring her, sating my hunger for the taste of an untamed, captivating creature. All her sounds were drowned by my rough, violent kiss. At first, she responded with the same painful lust by sinking her teeth in my tongue and fighting for control. The lack of oxygen and my power over her took their toll and I quickly assumed the top position.

She tasted just like I always thought, sweet and spicy. The mild taste of whiskey on her tongue just made me go wilder and kiss her in a more ferocious way, nearly tearing pieces of her flesh in the process. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and breathed some air in, thrilled to be literally necessary for her survival.

When Sage started growing weak in my arms I hurried to remove my fingers of her neck and slid them down her firm breasts. It amazed me how hard her nipples were, truly like two little stones that I’d soon torture, just like the rest of her sensual body. That little witch would better know from now she wouldn’t have any say in what would happen to her, that I’d have no qualms in taking her and treating her like my own private toy. She’d by my whore tonight.

I played with her painfully sensitive tits and drank in what I’ve longed for years. Then, with one smooth and precise movement I ripped her tank top open, shredding it to stripes of ruined fabric. The kiss had made me dizzy as well so that was the perfect moment to release her luscious, roughened and bleeding lips and let her scream out as I was ripping apart her flimsy outfit, turning it into a rag. Sage moaned and reached for her mouth, gasping in despair as I left her naked from the waist above, with her bare breasts completely vulnerable.

Clearly Little Miss Adventurous didn’t like it that much when the tables were turned on her. Or did she? Her eyes, goose-prickled skin, gyrating hips and aroused breasts showed she was horny as hell, weakened and getting needier by the minute.

Paul, what are you doing?” Sage moaned out in confusion.

In response, I simply slapped her breast and pinched her nipples until some tears ran down her face. There was a rough, red bruise forming on her neck where I had been choking her. Good. I wanted to leave marks on her so she’d stare at herself for at least a week in the mirror, touching her skin, unable to let go of my face in her mind. Sage was moaning out loud when I brushed her nipple and squeezed it so tight it instantly turned bright pink. I made sure that all the blood gathered at that tender tipping point before I struck it with my free hand.


You are a very, very bad girl, Sage Phoenix, a bad woman who goes around in those barely there tops, teasing men with her perfect tits and nipples.” I tutted and slapped her cheek gently, in a ridiculous tender manner in comparison with how I was roughing up the soft bud of her nipple, sinking my nails into it and making her cry. “You never learned that grown up women don’t flaunt their tits for the whole world to see. You were supposed to have matured by now but you are still the same brat, aren’t you?


Like it? If you want to know more or be the first to learn when the title goes live you can go and subscribe to my mailing list. You’d even get a free short story when you sign up.


Blurb and Cover Reveal – The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo #NSFW

Dear fans [if you are somewhere out there],

Being the classical masochist that I am I decided that apart from the rest of my projects I will write a sexy summer novella. The attendants of my official book launch party that celebrated the launch of Unorthodox Therapy voted between three plot lines and the choice fell upon this one. It’s a new adult/erotic romance but if you think that I’ll be presenting you a vanilla ice-cream of a story you’re deadly wrong. You get all my trademark hardcore BDSM with a little bit of this

Untitled-1and also some of this wartenberg-wheel,

with a sprinkle of that A9YIEkmCEAAV03m

and some experiment with breath play.



That is combined with my usual dirty talk, spanking, orgasm denial and plenty of filthy love between two highly flawed individuals. The other news is that this is not the end. Both Paul and Sage, my new less than an ordinary couple, are way too interesting to close them within one season. So prepare for four novellas, each of which is dedicated to a separate stage or season in their relationship. They will be rather different in terms of lightness of the plot and kink so prepare for surprises. And yes, you happiness lovers. There will be a HEA. Maybe. If you are nice enough and feed that authoress with many reviews she may be merciful. Also, you should know you can never expect me to jump straight for the sex in my longer works.

Without further ado, I present the stage of sweet and kinky summer love. The Brat With the Phoenix Tattoo: Summer comes out on August 15th.


Blurb: Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.


And since I’m a kind soul I will also give you some teasers.


Somewhere, in the deep sordid recesses of my mind, they’d surrender the moment their eyes would fall on the briefcase’s content. The blonde would smirk at me and press the stop button while the girl with the ginger locks would reach out for the steel circles of the cuffs. She’d drop down on her perfect knees wrapped in silk stockings and open those pretty lips for me, in expectation, nervous but willing to do whatever it takes to please me. The statuesque blonde with striking blue eyes would soon follow her friend and kneel, unzipping my pants, with the same expression of a compliant girl who wants to give ecstasy to her Master. The two ladies would spend a long time fighting for my cock, licking and sucking, tracing their tongues down my oozing tip as I smoothed their hair and congratulate them on what good little sluts they were…


I hope that I’d find the empty shell, doll-like expression of a woman too stupid to live, a slave of her own body and passions, lacking any soul. What I see completely sweeps me away. That green, seductive fire and her beautiful smile make her absolutely radiant, regardless of her slut outfit and trashy makeup. The raw energy of an untamed tiger, her scent and the natural grace that show beneath the exterior melt my defenses. I bite my tongue and grip one of the pens I have in front of me to get some control over the powerful physical reaction she provokes. 

I hate girls like Sage. I really do. I’d never touch her or show her any weakness.

But right then, in that moment as we’re finally up close and personal, I realize with utter horror that I want her.