Review of Lust by Tori Dean


Author: Tori Dean

Genre: Erotic Romance

Purchase link:

My rating: 4 out of 5

Blurb: Avery Sloan is a young, beautiful girl who just wants to be loved and desired. Her sights are set on a gorgeous co-worker named Kash Kincade.

When they hook up, he knows how to push her buttons to keep her wanting more. She’s completely addicted to him.

Is it Love or Lust?

Trying to keep work and personal life separate is challenging as she just wants to be claimed and appreciated by him, but he doesn’t give her an ounce of his love which only leaves her to become his beck and call girl.

Will she accept him as is or will she walk away from the one thing she wants most.?

Review: Many of us have had such affairs. The chemistry and tension are killing us. The mad sexual desire drives us out of our minds. The only person who can satisfy us is just within reach and at one point we can’t fight the temptation. But when the haze of lust fades away, albeit for a moment, we realize we have been trapped in a not so healthy arrangement. Perhaps you may try to stay strong, restrain from calling, try to act indifferent… till the next text message or a phone call. How long would you last being at someone’s beck and call?

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Announcement: Lust by Tori Dean already live on Amazon

I am pleased to announce that the Nymphette Tori Dean has just released her debut novella Lust. This sweet, romantic story of love, passion and all the misunderstandings that accompany them can be bought on Amazon.


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