#MasturbationMonday – Shameful #Fantasy of Hot #Degradation – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM


Tears began to flow down my face as he picked up his rhythm and alternated harsh blows with softer ones. He left signs of his claws and bit my shoulder, not giving me time to get used to the new sensation. My confused mind was wandering between the two extreme ends of the spectrum – intense pain and maddening desire. I cried against the abuse of my tender flesh but I was also in need of more. Thomas chuckled when I raised my bruised ass cheeks as if inviting him.

“If you continue sassing me, pet, I promise you will have a hard time sitting down Monday. Are you already enough of a masochist?” He pushed his finger deep in my ass in one rough movement. Even with his wet fingers, it was dry and uncomfortable but the invasion into my forbidden hole heightened my lust. “Now tell me your dirty fantasies, Lina. Don’t worry, I’m not fooling myself even for a second that you thought of me back then.”

“It’s… so embarrassing, Thomas. Don’t make me…”

“I won’t judge, pet.” He gave me a tender, reassuring kiss on the cheek and caressed my hair. “I won’t use anything you say against you. Tell me now.” Thomas didn’t stop fingering me until my anal hole adjusted. He touched my breasts and pulled them hard when I started talking.

“I… had this fantasy situation in my mind. It calmed me down when even cigarettes couldn’t.” He kissed my forehead and encouraged me with a harder rotation in my tight asshole. Then his fingers went back to my enlarged labia and squeezed to extract more juices. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so drenched and needy.

“Keep talking, Lina.”

“It happens in my ocean-side house. I go there with two male friends – not people I know in life, just… in this scenario they’re friends who come with me for the weekend.”

“Don’t stop,” Thomas whispered and licked my neck. “Also, tigress, don’t you dare cum. It would be pointless if I simply brought you pleasure.” Sadistic bastard. Yet, I couldn’t stop my little tale, my eternal source of shame and guilt.

“They realize I’ve no panties on. They grab me by the wrists and pull my skirt up. One of them keeps my legs apart so he can eat me out while his buddy makes me suck his cock.” Thomas pushed a finger in my slit while still playing with my ass. His action mirrored the next stage of my disgusting fantasy and it was so hot it took all my efforts not to squirt on his hand. “I protest but my mouth is filled. The guy licking my pussy is so great with his mouth that I cum quite a few times. They rip my clothes off and make me beg on my hands and knees.” It sounded even more disturbing as I told it out loud. The shame hurt more than his punishing spanking, but the pleasure of sharing enhanced the lust those dirty mental images provoked. Or, maybe it was because Thomas was finger fucking me harder with each word. “Finally, I break and they take me to the bedroom, forcing me to crawl like an animal. The first guy lowers me on his cock and slowly buries it in my lubed ass. His friend mounts my pussy and they start fucking my holes until they fill me with cum.” Thomas withdrew his fingers from my sopping holes and I gasped in frustration. I wanted to beg him to finish me off but I still had some dignity. My body was left shaking vigorously, teased and abandoned without a satisfying orgasm.


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