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Morning, spankers and spankees. May you have a lovely weekend ahead of you filled with all the corporate punishment and pleasure you crave. I have one little snippet from Unorthodox Therapy for you. Read along if you like nipple clamps.




I’ve no intention of explaining my every command to you, pet. As a matter of fact, quit asking questions and do as you’re told. Take your clothes off. Now.
Lina Riley has proved herself as the tough as nails CEO of her own tech startup. She’s a masterful business negotiator, successful by any measure, but every day she’s losing her battle with nicotine addiction. Thomas Jett, her former protégé, is a rising star in software development, one of her most promising employees. He might just have the right solution to her problems.
To the world, Thomas is a sweet, refined gentleman. He opens doors for ladies and lights their cigarettes, not that Lina should be smoking in the first place. Little does she suspect him of having secret life: one of firm discipline, intense sexual dominance, and a well-equipped dungeon.
Lina will agree to play by his rules: a master’s discipline and uncompromising control. Spanking is merely the start of Lina experiencing her wildest and most shameful fantasies. She’ll learn the cruelty of orgasm denial and the thrill of submission at Thomas’ feet.
Is their depraved passion and lust for each other what they truly need? Or will it lead them to disgrace and heartbreak?


“You’ve been such a good girl, even if I had to constantly put you in line. You’re lucky I like my subs bratty and sassy. A stricter Master wouldn’t have let you get away with so much. Still… you earned your reward, my pet.”
Thomas pulled his cock out of my mouth and reached around to smack my ass again.
“Do you enjoy pain, Lina? Do you get you wet when I hurt you?” As if he didn’t know
already. My nipples were almost numb and adjusted to the weight of the metal on them. His question was followed by a series of soft smacks on my ass that made me wince and arch my neck with delight.
“I love it when you spank me…” My eyes narrowed into half slits and I writhed like a snake, amazed at how sensitive I was. I hadn’t thought I could get any wetter. “The clamps feel good, but the cane was too much.”
Thomas chuckled and reached out to the metal device attached to my breasts.
“It was meant to be too much, pet. How would you learn discipline if I gave you only
sensations you enjoyed?” He pulled the chain one more time, like a cat toying with a string. “Caning can be a rather sensual experience, though. If you’re a good girl I’ll show you someday. Now, let’s see how much more pain you can endure. I’m far from finished with you.”
This guy didn’t believe in easing people into the experience, but as overwhelmed as I was, I’d simply die if he stopped now. The sweat was coating me like a shining second skin. I was burning with the need to find relief. That was the moment Thomas began to unscrew the clamp from my left nipple. As soon as the restrained blood pumped back into my heaving breast, I screamed at the top of my lungs. The tender flesh of my nipples felt as if someone had been twisting and fondling them for hours. The acute pain poured into me like a powerful drug. How could such torment bring me so much unexpected pleasure? Thomas caressed the aching bud of my breast. The erotic impulse of the simple motion went straight to my brain and was almost enough to make me cum. My blood circulation was slowly coming back to normal but I kept writhing, caught between the intense ache and heightened, twisted pleasure.


If you are curious about what happens after she has her clamps off (and before that) you can buy the book hereNow, head back to Saturday Spanking Inc. for more Saturday pleasures and punishment.

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