#MasturbationMonday – Out Of This World #BDSM


Happy Monday again, fellow pervs! The last two weeks drained me but I’m back on track. What better way to get some energy back in my system than some self-care.


“Now you will suck me and you won’t stop until you make me cum. You’ll swallow everything.”

I expected she’d put up a fight and try to escape my grasp. However, Sage took on the task with enthusiasm, passion and amazing attention to detail when she sucked on my fat tip, covering it in saliva. My fingers stayed in her hair, caressing it as she worked her magic and bobbed her head up and down, smearing her pretty lips with precum.

“That’s a very good girl.” I tossed my head back and moaned, gyrating my hips so Sage would suck more of my shaft. The instinct urged me to fuck her throat without regards for her pleasure but she was too damned good with her mouth and I wanted to let her do all her tricks. “You know, from the moment I met you I somehow knew your mouth would feel awesome. I was wrong.” When she blinked and licked my underside I grinned at her and growled, grasping her hair in a more aggressive way. “It’s fucking out of this world. Keep sucking, pet.”


If you want to see what other skills she has you might check the book in the Amazon jungles. Now go back to Masturbation Monday HQ for more hotness.

#MasturbationMonday -Follow The Protocol #BDSM


Early Moan Day Protocol can be surprisingly sexy when done right… or not? Have a dose of teasing pleasure before you head back to real life.


Lina squeezed her eyes and took a deep breath before she pulled my zipper down. The relief after the painful day overwhelmed me and I let out a sigh of contentment. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and pulled it out of my boxers. She gritted her teeth and held the shaft in hand a little longer than necessary but finally let go and looked at me with anxiety.
“Good enough?” Lina breathed out and closed her eyes as my nail ran down the entire length of her pounding pink clit.
“Perfect, pet, but you still need to learn the protocol. You’ll get in trouble a lot more often if you don’t start calling me Sir.”
Lina sighed with exasperation and pressed her hands to her bare thighs.
“I’m true to my word, though.” With those words, I knelt in front of her. She blinked in
surprise as if she didn’t expect we’d ever swap positions. I smiled at her as I pressed my lips to her pussy and kissed it. “Raise your arms above your head and press them against the glass. Keep them in the exact same position. Do you understand, pet?”
“Y-yes.” She obeyed and parted her legs a bit wider. “Please… Sir.” It was clear she uttered the honorific with great displeasure but it was a start.
“I’ll eat you out now.” My hands ran down the backs of her thighs and raised her upper body so I’d have full access to her tasty pussy. “But don’t make a sound or I’ll stop.”


Get yourself a copy here if you’d like and then go back to Masturbation Monday HQ.

#MasturbationMonday – Your Dirty Mouth Needs To Be #Punished – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM


Up for some oral fixation? What better way to start Monday?


The next thing I knew, Thomas rubbed his cock against my partly opened lips as he grabbed me by the hair. He was holding his painfully throbbing shaft by the base, its transparent precum oozing onto my tongue. When I made an attempt to lick the tip and show him the best of my skills, Thomas rammed his entire length directly down my throat.
“Like I said, you need to prove you’re a slut, Lina. This craving to put things in your mouth is curious. Next time you need to insert a phallic object between your lips, you may suck my cock. Trust me, I’ll never say no.” His grin grew even wider. “Besides, your dirty mouth needs to be punished.”
Thomas grabbed my head on both sides with his strong palms. He started fucking my mouth in savage thrusts with a wicked gleam in his eyes. His full, pulsing cock head reached the back of my throat and a pair of heavy balls pounded against my chin, leaving more marks. My gagging filled the room as I tried to handle his massive penis, slobbering all over it to make it fit my throat. Never had it occurred to me that Thomas would be so well-endowed, and now he was taking his revenge on my defenseless throat. For the first time, his natural dominance subsided at the pleasure I was giving him with my wet lips. His moans matched the intensity of my choking sounds as he suffocated me with his cock. Even then, though, his grasp on my flowing hair didn’t loosen for a second. Thomas gyrated his hips, fucking my throat as deeply as he could. Time and time again, he’d pull out so I could catch my breath. The frothy saliva streamed down my chin and chest. Tears of effort mixed with spit and precum but I ignored them. The need to prove myself to Thomas and show him how good I really could be moved to the top of my priorities. During one of the pauses when he released my throat, I pounced and ran my tongue up his entire length, licking it eagerly, tracing the tip of my tongue against his throbbing veins. I ran my lips down his entire length. I sucked him deep, lubing the rock hard penis with my warm, wet mouth.

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Annabelle Learns A Lesson of Humility #SatSpanks

saturday-spankingsI believe that a good spanking is always a great way to start the weekend. So I finally decided to join that sweet Saturday initiative with a little scene from my novella Stroker Ace: A Kinky Fairy Tale. I’m pretty proud with it so I hope you’d like it as well.


“One more rule, baby girl. You are not allowed to cum till we say so.” Annabelle shivered with horror at that. How was she supposed to restrain herself when her lust was building up more and more with every harsh blow. Just then she realized that would be the true challenge of the evening.

At about the tenth smack Evan grabbed his wife by her ponytail and opened her mouth with his stiff cock. Annabelle instinctively wrapped her pretty lips around him and started slurping his precum as if on cue. However, he was not in the mood for games of teasing and seduction right now. She hardly gave him blow jobs and at that instant, his main purpose was to make up for the lost time, claim her mouth and throat. Before the hapless woman knew what was going on, his pulsing dick was shoved deep down her throat and gagged her. Evan slapped the cheeks of her face playfully and moved his hips in position to fuck her mouth. Kitty gave him a conspiratorial grin and slammed her palm against Annabelle’s pussy. The latter one screamed on the cock that was choking her. The slick mix of saliva and phlegm ran down her face as she tried to handle Evan’s prick.

“Count, girl. Don’t think you’re off the hook, keep counting.” Kitty was having a blast as Annabelle tried to multitask between sucking cock and uttering muffled numbers. Kitty shoved three digits in her pussy and pressed her forefinger to the rough, grainy patch of her G-spot. That made the poor pet jump into a near orgasmic state. Kitty would pull her fingers out and spread the juices all over the sore, beaten ass as if they were lotion.

Annabelle gradually overcame her embarrassment and blinked her tears away staring at Evan’s eyes. Every few seconds he was pulling out just to slam deep back in her throat making it bulge under the pressure. She placed her fingers on his balls and raised her head so she would suck him even deeper.

“Wow, who would have though a refined lady like her would be such an eager dick sucker.” Kitty laughed as Annabelle bobbed her head up and down on her husband’s cock. He was in heaven, grunting and moaning the whole time, his fist was holding her by the ponytail and pressed her head harder. However when she took the initiative something in him got unleashed.

“Oh, yes, she is really just a filthy whore.” Annabelle trembled at these words. Her worst fears were resurfacing and the emotional sting hurt her more than any spanking that Kitty could give her. Still she kept sucking with the same zest while the other woman was spreading her cunt and testing how many fingers would fit in there. It took her all of her strength not to give into the orgasm. It seemed as if every sensitive point of hers was on fire. The way Evan used her mouth for his pleasure didn’t make it any easier for her to control her pussy.

Finally, he pulled out and slapped her face with his throbbing cock, clearly on the verge of shooting his load. He smeared the precum and spit all over Annabelle’s pretty features as if applying makeup, using his tip as a brush.

“Mmm, our little pet seems to love pain.” Kitty raised her fingers and Evan gasped as soon as he saw how soaked they were, slimy and slippery.

“T-twenty…” Annabelle’s tortured voice escaped her stained lips and her ass muscles stiffened. She was half prepared for Kitty’s hand to smack her again. Instead, the woman ran her hand down her back in a loving caress.

“Good girl. You took your beating so well, much better than I expected. But don’t get complaisant, you have a lot to prove.” Kitty ran her hand over Annabelle’s ponytail, smoothing her hair.

“The night is still young, darling.” He yanked Annabelle’s head back once more and looked up at his accomplice. “Do you have something harder at that bag of yours? I want to see how much her ass can handle.”


Did you enjoy it? Curious how much more a reformed witch can handle during her redemption? You can buy the book here and if you are thirsty for more spanking goodness hop over to check out the rest of the authors at http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.bg/ or directly on Linky Tools.

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