#WIPITUP Wednesday – Show Him Who’s Boss – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM



Perhaps I should come up with some graphics and Linky Tools for those weekend excerpts. If only there was more time for that. So, this weekend I have been very lazy and demotivated to do anything, it was some total burnout moment but I decided to share that small, hopefully, funny piece with you. This week I’m finally pulling myself together so I can continue my characters’ journey and keep up with everything else. I guess I’d have to start with the energy drinks again. Today I also present the temporary blurb to your attention.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy.



It’s been months since the dominant programmer Thomas Jett parted ways with Lina Riley, his boss, mentor and submissive lover. Thomas is drowning in his own guilt and doubts, desperately trying to find peace with his past and forgiveness for his sins. Lina struggles to rebuild her destroyed life, her reputation as a CEO and not completely lose her sanity.

They can’t forget the intense chemistry and intimate connection they shared, the passion and the dynamics of their power exchange. And what is worse, neither Lina nor Thomas can move past the horror of the night that tore them apart.

One unexpected night will reunite them and ignite the embers of their furious, painful passion. While they are struggling with their invisible demons a very real enemy waits in the shadows, ready for a revenge. Will Lina find strength in subspace or that would be her ultimate demise? Can Thomas regain control over her and what is most important, over the darkest parts of his own psyche?


Mistress, may I speak?” Trixter chimed.

Allie sighed and looked back at him with irritation.

Only if you have something substantial to add to the discussion. If you’re just going to talk trash I’ll add ten strokes to your usual punishment.”

If Thomas can’t top perhaps I can persuade him to bottom for me?” He flashed her a perfect, innocent smile and fluttered his eyelashes. Very manly, dude, you swept me off my feet. “I’m in shortage at the moment and he’d make a great bitch boy after I train him properly.”

It took just this line to make something inside me snap into place. The earlier irritation with Allie left the space to an unnatural calm that possessed my entire body. Without saying a single word I took the riding crop from her. She was watching me carefully but didn’t show any resistance and handed me the tool.

When I approached Trixter he suddenly lost his “manly” bravado and licked his lips with nervousness. I caught a hint of fear and anxiety in his mocking eyes. A light smile crept up on my face but I stayed silent and placed the edge of the crop beneath his chin, lifting his face so he’d look at me. After the man started squirming in his restraints and attempted to avert his eyes from mine I swiftly raised the riding crop and swatted his both cheeks two times. It elicited a nice cry of pain from Trixter and he looked up at me with such a surprise. His reaction was priceless and if he was a beautiful woman it would get me hard.

Oh, I just love it when someone doesn’t take me too seriously.

Sorry, dude, you’re not my type.”

When I turned back to Allie to hand her the riding crop her face was glowing with triumph. She picked up the envelope she had placed on the spanking bench earlier and shoved it in my hand.


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