#MasturbationMonday -Follow The Protocol #BDSM


Early Moan Day Protocol can be surprisingly sexy when done right… or not? Have a dose of teasing pleasure before you head back to real life.


Lina squeezed her eyes and took a deep breath before she pulled my zipper down. The relief after the painful day overwhelmed me and I let out a sigh of contentment. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and pulled it out of my boxers. She gritted her teeth and held the shaft in hand a little longer than necessary but finally let go and looked at me with anxiety.
“Good enough?” Lina breathed out and closed her eyes as my nail ran down the entire length of her pounding pink clit.
“Perfect, pet, but you still need to learn the protocol. You’ll get in trouble a lot more often if you don’t start calling me Sir.”
Lina sighed with exasperation and pressed her hands to her bare thighs.
“I’m true to my word, though.” With those words, I knelt in front of her. She blinked in
surprise as if she didn’t expect we’d ever swap positions. I smiled at her as I pressed my lips to her pussy and kissed it. “Raise your arms above your head and press them against the glass. Keep them in the exact same position. Do you understand, pet?”
“Y-yes.” She obeyed and parted her legs a bit wider. “Please… Sir.” It was clear she uttered the honorific with great displeasure but it was a start.
“I’ll eat you out now.” My hands ran down the backs of her thighs and raised her upper body so I’d have full access to her tasty pussy. “But don’t make a sound or I’ll stop.”


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