#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Plot Is Thickening – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM


Hello, Wipsters! The start of the New Year is still taking its toll on me and I have a hard time to get back in good shape in every possible way. A friend of mine told me I should not lose the momentum and keep going. He was right. Still, I was drained by the end of last year and needed a big break and time of utter laziness. It is still hard to get rid of it and the fact I have tons of tasks doesn’t help. Still, next week there will be a lot more exciting content of my current WIP. Meanwhile, enjoy this little fantasy of my leading male.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy, live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.



It’s been months since the dominant programmer Thomas Jett parted ways with Lina Riley, his boss, mentor and submissive lover. Thomas is drowning in his own guilt and doubts, desperately trying to find peace with his past and forgiveness for his sins. Lina struggles to rebuild her destroyed life, her reputation as a CEO and not completely lose her sanity.

They can’t forget the intense chemistry and intimate connection they shared, the passion and the dynamics of their power exchange. And what is worse, neither Lina nor Thomas can move past the horror of the night that tore them apart.

One unexpected night will reunite them and ignite the embers of their furious, painful passion. While they are struggling with their invisible demons a very real enemy waits in the shadows, ready for a revenge. Will Lina find strength in subspace or that would be her ultimate demise? Can Thomas regain control over her and what is most important, over the darkest parts of his own psyche?


As I was walking by the stages and watching the couples and triples playing I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if she were here with me tonight. If we were still together she’d be wearing the red collar tonight and I’d lead her by a long leash. She’d keep her head down and walk with all the beauty and grace required of her, even if her pussy and ass were stretched by sex toys and butt plugs. It would thrill me to hear her quiet whimpers as the stimulation got to be too much and her classy facade started melting. Her skin would become just as red as the girl on the cross when I’d order her to strip for all the strangers and show her obedience.

I closed my eyes and pictured her naked, on her knees and at my feet, humiliated by the presence of so many people watching her in her natural state and aroused by that very presence. She’d be wet and ready, with her arms bent behind her head, with open lips and gleaming blue eyes. The tip of my riding crop would caress the underside of her chin and make her look up at me. I’d stroke the side of her face and whisper to Lina she had been a wonderful pet and I’d make sure she’d never forget that night. Her body would shiver as I’d press her face to my thigh and…


That’s all for now, I must go back to writing. If you visit my website for the first time and you are interested in keeping up with my work, feel free to subscribe to Lilah’s steamy mailing list. You even get a free story – http://eepurl.com/b4sN_H. And now head back to the WIPIT UP HQ for more snippets of works in progress.

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Giveaway of Strangers In The Night: The Challenge, Already Live on Amazon

I’ve felt the need to indulge in some classic romp – delicious kinky erotica that starts like a classic extra-marital affair to turn into a wild taboo orgy of the senses and desires. This is my brand new series Strangers in that will include at least 5 books covering the adventures of the only night two hyper-sexual perverts can share. And even if it starts on a little tame note don’t be misled, things will get filthier after the initial build up. To celebrate the start of the series I decided to organize a little giveaway.


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