Research: Restraints, Rope, Suspension, The Finer Things In Life #NSFW #BDSM


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The next chapter of my current work in progress novel, Unorthodox Chemistry, will include an artistic demonstration of rope bondage. I’m super nervous about portraying it well and the chapter will most likely be edited at least 10 times until it is whipped into perfection. Meanwhile, I decided to watch some videos for visual inspiration. Feel free to share your own favorites if you have something better.

I plan to incorporate some ballet dancing in the whole performance, we’ll see how well it will turn out and how it will fit as a concept with the rope bondage. I can always excuse myself that it is a fiction. right?

In any case, I must say that the research for these scenes is some of the most pleasant part of the process. Perhaps if I watch enough videos I’ll be able to fully zone into the experience.

Research: Violet Wand And Its Effects #BDSM #ImpactPlay


Fellow writer and reader Summer Graystone asked me about the violet wand I used in The Brat With The Summer Phoenix TattooSome time ago if someone asked me about impact play or anything to do with electricity I’d probably scream “Keep this away from me.” I believe I must push my own boundaries in writing and life so after some hesitation I put some research into violet wands and Wartenberg wheels and I… more than loved what I found out. I share some of the articles by Idaho BDSM and one educational video brought to you by A Touch of Flavor. Feel free to share other research resources or even better, your own experience.

Violet Wand Techniques

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Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part V – The Advanced Techniques For The Violet Wand