Kitty’s Gift and Christmas Spanking on #SatSpanks #BDSM

Merry Christmas, spankos! May your next year be filled with pleasure, hot reads, and even hotter real life experiences. My kinky Christmas short Kitty’s gift went live last night, just in time for a gift wrapping.

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For you and your blushing bride.

I’m sure you have learned how to discipline her better and you often paddle her sexy, tight ass when she is being a brat. Tonight, I want you to push her limits. Order her to do something she’d be uncomfortable with, play with her soft limits. The red would look fantastic on her pale skin.

Do your worst.

Happy Yuletide Season, Evan, send my greetings to Annabelle.



Evan and Annabelle are happier than ever, no matter that they both miss their kinky godmother. Kitty hasn’t forgotten them and two days before Christmas Eve they receive a mysterious package.

Annabelle has grown comfortable with her life as Evan’s submissive pet. But will she resist his command when he orders her to strip naked and kneel before him at their gallery after closing hours? How far will he take her training? Can she give into his wicked games and sexy discipline at her working place without losing herself?

Kitty’s apprentices are in for a night of spanking and kink they won’t forget.


Annabelle lowered her head to the contents of the box and after some serious struggle she picked the paddle with her teeth. Once she looked up so she’d hand her husband the disciplinary tool she noticed the bulge of his erection against the fabric of his pants. Good. She wasn’t the only one in heat and the fact he was getting so hard from her efforts thrilled her.

It made her almost forget the glaring landscape outside, the illusion she was watched by a hungry audience.

Evan nodded with approval and picked the paddle his pet was handing him.

That’s my good girl. Up here.” He patted his lap again and Annabelle pulled herself up to take her place. His hardened cock pressed against the smooth skin of her stomach and elicited another groan. She blushed when Evan parted her legs and raised her ass even higher. The wet folds of her pussy were fully exposed for blows and fingering.

Her petite body rested on top of his knee, fully available and ready for a sweet punishment.

As always, he didn’t warn her of the first blow and the soft smack of his hand made her wince and shift her position. Evan put his palm on the small of her back and tutted.

Stay still, Annabelle. If you go through your spanking without a sound I’ll reward you. Do you understand?”

Y-yes, Sir.” She bit her tongue when Evan ran his fingertips across her pussy lips, not really touching it.

You’re so easy to arouse, my little slut. So sensitive… Don’t drop this.” He chuckled, left the wooden paddle at the base of her neck and cracked his palm across her ass again, this time much harder. Annabelle tossed her head back in agony as the familiar warmth spread through her flesh. Her clit was pulsing like a heart, creamy and aroused, begging for release. The spanking sound repeated on both her cheeks and the heat of pain intensified as it was focused on her most intimate zones. She bit her lips and felt how some tears of effort to keep her moans muffled rolled down her cheeks. Evan was lashing her already sore backside with harder and faster blows, then he’d slow down so she’d adjust and give in to the ache.

You do a great job, pet, but will you be so quiet and obedient when I do that.” Her Master parted her legs wider and this time he used the paddle, hitting straight across her clit. Annabelle was a pain slut but that was too much even for her appetite. Her scream of agony echoed throughout the gallery. She sobbed as he repeated the hit on the same red, hurting spot.

Please… don’t… it’s too much… mercy…” Annabelle no longer cared about the reward, in too much pain to think straight.

Why are you being punished, pet?” He ran the paddle across her cheeks and when she least expected he whacked the paddle on her already red ass.

I… I disobeyed your order, Sir.”

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet. If you want to buy the story, head over to Amazon and claim your copy for only 99cents. Head over to Saturday Spanking for more naughty goodness.

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Announcement: My new short story available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

We are already two weeks in 2016 and I am working on my promised projects. But while the words are flowing in their rough draft I decided to surprise my readers with a bonus short story. It is part of what was going to be a novel but due to many circumstances will not be finished. Still, it works well as a standalone story and delves in some of my favorite topics of sensual domination and group play. It used to be published at my account on Lush Stories. The version that I released on Amazon is fully edit, updated and completed with more back story of the characters. If you want to enjoy a small treat with steamy sex, longing and fulfillment of fantasies that is your story. You can read it on Kindle Unlimited it or buy it on Amazon here. The cover is designed by me.

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Announcement: Professor’s Brat by Lilah E. Noir Already Live on Amazon

Dear beloved pervs,

I am delighted to inform you of the release of my short story, Professor’s Brat – an erotic taboo with a taste of power play. It is part of future series under the name Earning an “A”. Explore the dark sexual fantasies in these series where arrogance meets submission.

Read it now on Amazon.

Now to your attention – the cover and the blurb. I want to pay special thanks to Ms. Lexie Syrah for all of her kindness and help. She is the illustrator of the cover and does amazing professional design. If you are an author check out her rates and portfolio (as well as her own writing) on her website –

fashion summer portrait of provocative brunette female with fit body and long hair wearing fashion white swimsuit and jewellery

“And now you know the difference between the pleasure of pain and the pain of punishment. Off the desk and down on your knees. It’s time to evaluate your pretty little mouth. Show me if you are really worthy of an A.”

I’ll have that pretty little redheaded brat sooner than she thinks. I’ll be looking down on her cute painted nails and crimson lipstick. She may have had all of the other students in her before, but she’s never had a real man.

She’s infuriated me since the beginning of school with her incessant sarcasm and complete disregard for the rules. Now she’s legal, though, and I’ll show her that detention will be the least of her punishments.

I bet that she hasn’t even had it in her back door. The little slut has everyone else wound around her finger, but not me. I’ll show her what it’s like to take a man in every one of her holes, and I won’t be gentle about it. I can’t wait to see what she looks like with drool dripping down her chin. And the marks on her behind will be amazing. Crimson stripes along that pale skin to match her hair and lipstick.

She’ll be a good little pet after this afternoon…

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