Be My Guest On Tuesday: Lisette Kristensen and The Dark Desire Series Boxed Set


Welcome to the afternoon edition of Be My Guest On Tuesday. In case you missed Felicity Brandon‘s morning appearance, you can read hot excerpts of her historical novel Viking’s Conquest  here. Now I’d like to greet another lady with a wicked imagination, Lisette Kristensen. She is an avid explorer of the dark side of BDSM, a writer of a modern day, character-driven “bodice rippers”. If you haven’t met Lisette and her writing now is the time for that. Her series Dark Desire, a boxed set of 4 books, is currently available for the reduced price of $1.50 from $2.99. You can claim your copy today on Smashwords.

Dark Desire Series, Four Books 


Lisette Kristensen



Unveiling Façade

“All fours.”

The strength of his voice coursed through her. She dropped into position. “Spread open your thighs.” Without thought she opened herself, feeling the warm air float over her soaked sex. His fingernails raked along her spine, causing her stomach to knot until they reached her shoulders. Trying to fathom everything around her, the platform began to move. A slow turning effect that startled her. She looked at the men seated before her. Mask hid their identities, but what they wanted with her was a mystery, that alone made her heart thunder with anticipation.

The dais kept turning; she couldn’t comprehend what would happen next. It didn’t take long. The first strange noise behind her, led to a burn to her backside, like she had never felt before. Her eyes bulged, and before she could yelp, another blow ripped across her backside. Her ass felt on fire, then another strike hit her aching ass. The pain was excruciating at first. Tears welled in her eyes, trying to comprehend what felt like pleasure racing up her spine. A part of her wanted it to stop; the desire to sob was overwhelming, but each stroke brought a pain-pleasure confusion that seized her soul.

Facade’s Retribution

“He grunted harder now as each stroke came faster. The blows rang deeper into her soul, every sense that poured through her was like tiny hot daggers poking her. Every thought worry or concern evaporated. A change inside her swept in, thoughts drifted into a place, like a growing mist, ethereal and warm. Her body flailed, sweat trickled in rivulets over her welted flesh.”

Facade’s Surrender

Whoever wielded the belt had a strong arm. The lashes were heavy, and the leather lacquered her backside raw. The pain rippled through her body. Her eyes remained closed, to let the sensations control her feelings.  Jocelyn let it go, letting her depraved soul take over, funneling the dark bliss to her core.

Each blow across her sore ass brought a thickening to her sex. Oh, how she wanted to wiggle it at them, to tease them to fuck her insane.  Jocelyn kicked into a sensual overdrive; the wish to be used came faster. The signals of deviancy were present under the surface. Soon, that depravity would rise to the surface.

The slaps of leather slowed; she figured the man grew tired.  She could sense the men teasing him; they called him Dieter.  Jocelyn tried to peek to get a good view.  Her vision was blocked, but she could make out parts of him. No shirt, large cock jutting out through his jeans. Muscles layered over his chest and abs.  Her body tingled, her sex slathering with rampant need.  She wanted to scream, “Fuck me!”. Everything blistered hot, aching for this party to get started.

She tried to watch, but her eyes had been blocked by a black cock.  It was gigantic.  Where did it come from? She’d not seen a black man before. Thick dark fingers wrapped onto it, waving it back and forth over her face.  She sighed, relishing the silky texture of it.  The veins throbbed along her cheek, the gorged head brushing her lips.  A droplet of his anticipation coated her chin.  Jocelyn wanted that monster stuffed into her mouth.  The thought of sucking his beast of a prick made her delirious.

Instinctively her fingers lifted from the table. Fingernails danced magically down the shaft.  His hips nudged forward, enticing her, seducing her wantonness.  Jocelyn spread her mouth and devoured his shaft. The second her lips caressed his cock; he slammed forward with his hips. Nailing his big cock down her throat. She gagged, spit drooling down her chin.  She heard the men cheer, and that only egged on her desires.

Jocelyn found that place of relaxation, letting him fuck her face the way he wanted it. He stroked his prick ruthlessly into her mouth. She wouldn’t be out done. She sucked on it hard, almost biting that thick knob.  Her fingers found his balls, massive in their own right. They tightened around them, squeezing them as he plundered her mouth. Jocelyn heard the groans with each ramming thrust.

So lost in sucking his black cock, it took a moment for her senses to register the shoving of another cock into her pussy.  It too was thick. She pushed her hips up, to take it all the way. She went crazy to the feelings that consumed her. Her body relished it, craved every delicious raping of her flesh.  Two cocks hammered at her with a fury: one almost at the breaking point in her mouth and the other finding his groove in her sopping sex.

The darkness of pleasure cloaked her; they couldn’t hurt her. The hedonistic delights took over all her senses. She was back on that magic carpet of lust. She sucked the black meat with a fury, fingernails combing his balls. They twitched to her touch; her tongue flattened out to the underside of his shaft. Jocelyn took pleasure in feeling is cum vein filling up, stiffening an already hardened cock. The first sprinkles of his seed coated her mouth.

A cock riding her writhing snatch drove her into another direction.  The mingling of divergent sensations pushed her to a breaking point. Every part of her sparked the wick lit and was ready to explode.  Her ass throbbed from the belt, and these two cocks nailed her dark soul to the plank of wicked delights.

The tidal wave of her need now rose to a crushing desire.  Her pussy shuddered, no resistance in its own wants.  She tried to cry out, moan, anything but couldn’t. Her mouth smothered with thick cum; his cock shattered at the same time she did. Gulping his hot seed, she tried to keep up with the intensity of his cumming.

Everything inside Jocelyn sheared off into another plane. Her body quivered, her sex collapsed around the intruding prick. She didn’t care what man plundered her pussy; she wanted more of it. Her hips wiggled, begging for more of the assault of cock.  Her eyes opened to a blur of movement. They circled her, stroking their cocks. Jocelyn blinked, trying to focus but the hard thrust behind her pulled her back into the sexual deviancy that consumed her.

She groaned out loud when his hands smacked her tender ass.  His cock ram-rodded her pussy, with her shoving back to get it all. She craved this man, unseen, unknown, but how he took her. The ravaging took over her senses; again she drifted into that place of salacious need. Jocelyn didn’t hold back; her pussy clenched around the plunging shaft that buried to her core. She thrashed to the table, out of control as another orgasm swept over her like a wave.


Facade’s Salvation Teaser Book Four

 She heard Devin laugh in that mocking tone.  Jocelyn was pissed, at herself for being careless mooning over Stafford.  She admonished herself for being stupid.  Her eyes wheeled back to Devin. Spotting the arrogant pricks pleasure in what he had done.  Now the game was on. Her body slowly took back control, the dark winds of need whipped through.  The next blow slapped hard against her breast.  That strike sent her breast swaying, and the weights clashed together sending a ripple effect into her aching nipples. That sensation was wicked. The multiple effects where hard to fathom. Pain, misery, and torture filled her soul.

Every whack of the crop delivered various bolts of pain into her body.  Her pussy ached to feel it, when it landed to her clit she flailed like a whore getting fucked. Her back couldn’t stay off the tines of wire.  Those sharp points devoured her back, eating her flesh like cannibals.  Each spike caressed a part of her. Drawing a deeper wantonness within her, it is her desires would focus. The crop and nipples clamps were like beacons to her darkest desires.

Jocelyn now found her spot. Eyes closed. Letting the depravity take over. She crossed into that space of hedonism where the pain became the magic carpet of pleasure. She no longer cared what Devin did; she wanted to scream at him to hit her harder, pull her deeper into the thundering waves of bleakness.

Her back and ass rode the wall of wire, letting the tines nourish themselves as the crop slapped her clit to the breaking point. Jocelyn held nothing back. She whimpered, writhed and moaned wantonly as each sensation tripped her spirit into a place of depraved peace.  Like all her scenes, the men tuned out, the whole focus on those sparks of pain that sent Jocelyn reeling into the abyss of her own.

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avatarI started writing in 2009 on a dare by a friend.  I am a huge “bodice ripper” fan of Historical Romance. Still read it all the time, in fact, I am mired in a long series of books by Barbara Devlin.  Anyway, I was bitching there was not enough sex in them, she said, well do better loudmouth.

The result is we both won. I did write a short story, Unveiling Façade, but it was not historical romance.  I had no patience to do the research and all that. So, dove into writing dark erotica, or as my friend would say “glorified porn.”  I took Unveiling Façade and sold it to a small publishing house and did okay. They closed, sold my rights to another house which sadly did nothing with it. The rights have reverted to me, and I have self-published it.

One last note on Historical Romance. There is one wicked author that writes them. Jess Michaels. She has several different series running, and some are not erotic enough. But she does have some titles that are hot hot! 

Back to dark filth …

I had intended to leave it as a one off, short story, but you fans wanted more, and that resulted in the four book series, called Dark Desire.

I like to write stories of a flawed woman, full of insecurities, find their personal awakening in the dark world of BDSM.  Slowly as she takes this journey and is challenged by an assortment of evil/wicked men. She will find her true power in being a pain slut, slave or deep submission.  A place where no man can hurt her and where she has the ultimate control.  

Her new world is tested time and again as she runs into situations that would strain even the darkest of women.  Until one man comes into her life to steal her heart, or does he?  Even the most depraved woman wants some romance, right?

Thank you for joining me this afternoon and meeting Lisette, her flawed leading ladies and wicked heroes. In the evening you’d get to know my last guest, the lovely debutante Bree Lewandowski, and her ballet dancer romance novel, Under Winter Lights.

Be My Guest On Tuesday: Felicity Brandon and The Viking’s Conquest


Hello, and welcome to the new column on my website, the Be My Guest Spotlight. If you missed last week’s episode, check out R.B. O’Brien’s Imogen boxed set  and its sale.

Today I’ll meet you with three charming and talented writers who agreed to share their latest work and special promotions. You’ll get to meet them at different times of the day so you’d handle their awesomeness in equal parts.

The morning guest I have the pleasure to introduce to you is Felicity Brandon, writer of the salacious, erotic and romantic BDSM, as well as a Golden Flogger finalist  (you can also read her interview and spotlight in here.)

She is here to present to you her new historical erotic novel, The Viking’s Conquest.



Felicity Brandon



When she is left all but alone to defend her family’s castle against an army of battle-hardened Viking raiders, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose fights valiantly but is soon overcome. After her capture by the tall, handsome leader of the northmen, Prince Anders, she is carried away along with the rest of the spoils of conquest.

Anders makes it clear to the princess that she is now his property, to do with as he likes, and he takes pleasure in stripping her bare and putting her on display. When she defies her new master, Aurelie quickly discovers that Anders will not hesitate to spank her soundly, but to her shame the painful, humiliating punishment leaves her deeply aroused.

Bound and helpless yet burning with desire, the princess finds herself longing for the bold, dominant warrior to take her hard and thoroughly, and when she surrenders to his mastery of her body the pleasure is more intense than she would have ever thought possible. Aurelie’s submission to Anders grows more complete with each passing day, but when her brothers arrive with an army to seek vengeance against their old enemy she must make a fateful choice. Will she remain loyal to her family and her people, or come to the aid of her Viking prince?


Excerpt 1

… in which we see Aurelie and Anders’ chemistry

He pauses his analysis of my chest and looks up into my eyes. His stare holds me there for a long moment and I realise I am succumbing to his will whether I like it or not. He is the predator—he has been all along—and I am his prey. Aurelie of Donrose, it seems, was no match for this invader from the northlands.

“Unexpected?” he repeats.

He rises with care to a standing position, grasping the post to his left for support. His tall frame is now right next to me, his head skimming the silken canopy over us. He leans toward me and presses himself against my nakedness. I gasp, closing my eyes at the contact and yet relishing the physical closeness.

“Does that mean my captive is warming to her new master?”

I open my eyes to find his face right there, above me, that large mouth ready to devour its prey. “I… I don’t know,” I whisper, looking into his eyes. There’s an honesty about my answer that disconcerts me.

Anders shifts his weight slightly, snaking his right hand around my body and skimming my behind. Once there he grabs my left cheek and holds me, using my own body to pull me closer to him. My throbbing wet centre, already pushed forward by the bondage holding my ankles in place, nestles against his clothed right thigh.

“You are not sure, Aurelie, or you are just too afraid to say?”

I blush at his accurate analysis of the situation, dropping my eyes from his gaze. His hand rises north, leaving my ass and taking me by surprise. Anders uses each long digit to trace lines up the left side of my body, pausing at the curve of my bosom, and then finally reaching the side of my face. Once here, the hand tips my chin upward to meet his eye line, holding it in place once he is satisfied with the position.

He eyes me intently and I realise that he is expecting an answer.

“Too afraid…”


Excerpt 2

… in which Aurelie gets spanked

“Drop the fruit. I want to hear your voice whilst you’re spanked.”

In a moment of uncharacteristic obedience, I widen my mouth a fraction and release the soft flesh of the fruit. I watch as it falls the short distance to the floor underneath me, along with a humiliating quantity of my drool. Relief washes over my jaw as it can now finally relax, although I wonder what Anders will have in mind for me next.

“Good,” he says from over me. “Now tell me, do you know why you are to be spanked?”

I flinch as he vocalises my predicament, as though hearing it out loud somehow reaffirms the sheer ignominy of it.

“I…” I pause, trying to make myself say the words. “I am to be spanked because I spilled your drinks, my Lofðungr,” I say eventually.

“True,” Anders replies, slapping the cheeks of my behind. The impact is not hard, but is just enough to wake the flesh around the area, summoning the blood there and sending the message to me: this is mine. “And why did you spill the drinks, Aurelie? What function were you serving?”

I cringe inwardly, knowing he intends to revel fully in my disgrace. “I was your table,” I say in the smallest voice possible.

“My what?” he asks, raising his voice. “I have never known the lady be so coy before this moment!”

“Your table, my Lofðungr,” I reply, pushing back the humiliated emotion that threatens to surface.

“Yes!” he cries, finally satisfied with my answer. “A table for holding my refreshments. You had one purpose only: to hold the tray of drinks and Aurelie, you failed, my sweeting. You failed in the most spectacular fashion!”

The old indignation rises in me. “I am no table!” I spit, my voice now full of venom.

He lands a hard smack against my upturned cheeks, the sound swilling around my head before the sting of the impact even registers.

“You are mine!” he says evenly. “Mine to do whatever I please with. The sooner you come to learn this, the easier your new life will be, my lady.”

He smacks me again; not full-throttle this time, but I know he means it. I take a sharp intake of breath at the impact, willing the pain to be done so that I may experience a little of that odd arousal the previous spanking had produced. A further three smacks ensue. The loud sound of his palm connecting with my flesh echoes through the confines of his quarters. I lie here over his knee, forced to accept this new dynamic: Anders, the foreign invader, now apparently the master of me. A man who can chain me up, and use me as furniture at his will.


I push against the pain as he spanks me again. The sheer force of my own obstinate pride somehow makes the process easier, although there’s no denying it does hurt. My behind feels red and inflamed already and I have no idea how long Anders intends to keep me here.

“Are you beginning to understand?” His voice booms from someplace over my head. It sounds oddly distant to my ears.

“Yes, my Lofðungr,” I say through gritted teeth as yet another smack lands across both cheeks, but even as I speak I know I do not mean it.

“Tell me then. Let me hear your learning, Aurelie. What are you?”

He pauses the spanking, perhaps to allow me to speak and I take a deep breath. Can I really say these things just to appease him? I consider my position: naked, chained, and over his lap. What choice do I have?

“I am yours, my Lofðungr,” I say, trying to detach myself from the words.

“My what?” he says, stroking the hot area he has punished.

I bite hard on my lip again, despising him for reducing me to this. “Your property!” I spit the last word out as though it threatens to choke me if I keep it inside.

“Hmm,” says Anders and I swear I can hear him smiling. “Better—but I do not believe that you mean it. Not yet anyway…”

He draws my body back a few inches from the hips, so that my aching core rises from his hard body and I am effectively bent over him from the waist.

“Spread your legs,” he says softly.

With extreme reluctance I move myself into this new, even more humiliating pose. My breasts, previously crushed under my weight, are now freed and swing softly beneath me. My face is also now less concealed and I unwittingly catch his smiling gaze in my peripheral vision. I look away at once, but not before he has noticed my error. Leaning forward, he wraps my unruly hair toward my right shoulder, exposing my face, now burning with the shame and excitement I am feeling.

“Look at me,” he commands sensually.

Slowly I turn my head ever so slightly to the left and look unwillingly into those smirking blue eyes.

“I have a feeling about you, Aurelie. Shall I share it with you?” he asks casually.

I stare at him, unwilling to answer and play his game. I can feel the old defiance rising to the surface for just the briefest moment. When I say nothing, he spanks my behind again. It feels harder from this position somehow. The sound is different and the sting feels crueller. My previously fleshy bottom is now stretched into a new stance and unbelievably I think I miss the reassurance of his body heat. I am even more exposed this way.

“Answer me!” he snaps, his hand connecting with my skin again.

“Please share it, my Lofðungr,” I reply, my voice breaking ever so slightly as the fresh pain registers.

There is a pause and I fear that he will choose to just continue spanking me like this, and then finally, he speaks again:

“I have a feeling that you actually like being treated this way, my lady.”

I look at him, my eyes no doubt sharing the indignation, resentment, and disbelief I am feeling as I register his words. How in Donrose can he know this about me? These are feelings that I myself had never known until this day!

“You’re wrong,” I splutter, but we both know I don’t mean it.

“Really?” he asks, spanking me again. I squeeze my eyes shut at the new impact, before opening them again. Anders has moved in even closer to my body in the interim. I notice for this first time that he too appears to be a little out of breath, and I wonder if this is exciting him as well. “So you don’t want me to touch your body then, Aurelie?”

His hand moves to within an inch of my left breast as he speaks. Sensing his approach, my already hard buds contract even further, betraying my need.

“No,” I say, continuing the reassuring pretense that I do in fact not want him anywhere near me.

Ignoring me, his hand finally reaches my breast, cupping it gently at first, before moving his fingers south to the nipple. I gasp as he circles it and then grabs the end, tugging at it hard. Despite my veil of disgust, his touch feels astonishingly good, goading my body. My head falls forward, no longer able to contain the desire I feel. Wordlessly he moves closer, reaching for the right breast and repeating his treatment of the left. Both nipples tighten in excitement, silently begging him for more.

A soft moan leaves my lips before I can contain myself. He laughs at the sound and I mean to chastise myself, but already my whole entity is fixed on where his hands will explore next. The left hand that had so ruthlessly, yet beautifully, tormented my breasts, runs a line down my midriff, over my tense belly to the hot, damp patch of hair between my thighs. I take short, shallow breaths, my hands planted firmly on the wooden chest beneath us, as my mind races at the sensations he creates. Anticipation about what he will choose to do next courses through me. I gasp aloud, wondering how I can possibly permit these actions to continue. At the same time his other hand spanks me hard again, sending my body into a trembling mess. The reverberations travel through my growing wetness, to where his left hand waits. Slowly he presses his palm against my skin, pushing through the soft hair, into the moist folds trembling below.

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Thanks for sharing the deliciously dark and strangely romantic world of Felicity Brandon. Pass by later to see my next guest, Ms. Lisette Kristensen.