Blurb and Cover Reveal – The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo #NSFW

Dear fans [if you are somewhere out there],

Being the classical masochist that I am I decided that apart from the rest of my projects I will write a sexy summer novella. The attendants of my official book launch party that celebrated the launch of Unorthodox Therapy voted between three plot lines and the choice fell upon this one. It’s a new adult/erotic romance but if you think that I’ll be presenting you a vanilla ice-cream of a story you’re deadly wrong. You get all my trademark hardcore BDSM with a little bit of this

Untitled-1and also some of this wartenberg-wheel,

with a sprinkle of that A9YIEkmCEAAV03m

and some experiment with breath play.



That is combined with my usual dirty talk, spanking, orgasm denial and plenty of filthy love between two highly flawed individuals. The other news is that this is not the end. Both Paul and Sage, my new less than an ordinary couple, are way too interesting to close them within one season. So prepare for four novellas, each of which is dedicated to a separate stage or season in their relationship. They will be rather different in terms of lightness of the plot and kink so prepare for surprises. And yes, you happiness lovers. There will be a HEA. Maybe. If you are nice enough and feed that authoress with many reviews she may be merciful. Also, you should know you can never expect me to jump straight for the sex in my longer works.

Without further ado, I present the stage of sweet and kinky summer love. The Brat With the Phoenix Tattoo: Summer comes out on August 15th.


Blurb: Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaos in his cerebral world of logic and order. The manic pixie dream girl who drove him crazy and left him panting, seduced and longing for more of her spell. The only woman who ever saw him in his most naked and vulnerable state.
For years Paul’s been dreaming of nothing but giving her a taste of her own poison. When he spots Sage behind the glass of her run down tattoo studio he knows he’d never get a better chance. His briefcase contains everything necessary to punish her, put her through her paces and keep her on the edge and at his mercy… just to humiliate her completely and leave her bound to her own tattoo chair.
Little does he suspect that by the end of the night he’d be too addicted to their power exchange to walk away. Little does she know that by the end of the summer she’d be completely under his spell.


And since I’m a kind soul I will also give you some teasers.


Somewhere, in the deep sordid recesses of my mind, they’d surrender the moment their eyes would fall on the briefcase’s content. The blonde would smirk at me and press the stop button while the girl with the ginger locks would reach out for the steel circles of the cuffs. She’d drop down on her perfect knees wrapped in silk stockings and open those pretty lips for me, in expectation, nervous but willing to do whatever it takes to please me. The statuesque blonde with striking blue eyes would soon follow her friend and kneel, unzipping my pants, with the same expression of a compliant girl who wants to give ecstasy to her Master. The two ladies would spend a long time fighting for my cock, licking and sucking, tracing their tongues down my oozing tip as I smoothed their hair and congratulate them on what good little sluts they were…


I hope that I’d find the empty shell, doll-like expression of a woman too stupid to live, a slave of her own body and passions, lacking any soul. What I see completely sweeps me away. That green, seductive fire and her beautiful smile make her absolutely radiant, regardless of her slut outfit and trashy makeup. The raw energy of an untamed tiger, her scent and the natural grace that show beneath the exterior melt my defenses. I bite my tongue and grip one of the pens I have in front of me to get some control over the powerful physical reaction she provokes. 

I hate girls like Sage. I really do. I’d never touch her or show her any weakness.

But right then, in that moment as we’re finally up close and personal, I realize with utter horror that I want her.