#WIPITUP Wednesday – Kitty’s Gift – A Kinky Yuletide Tale #BDSM

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the publish button for one small and sideways project that caught my attention while I was writing Unorthodox Chemistry. Usually, it is not a good idea to indulge in the temptation of a neat, short story but since the season was right I decided to give it a shot. This is Kitty’s Gift: A Kinky Yuletide Tale, a short Christmas edition focused on Evan and Annabelle, two of my characters from Stroker Ace: A Kinky Fairy Tale.


2He approached the group and hugged Annabelle from behind. Her body went stiff for a moment as she hadn’t seen him but then she relaxed and pressed her back to his chest.

Mind if I steal her from you for a few minutes?”

Annabelle excused herself with a slight tremble in her voice and allowed Evan to lead her away, to a secluded corner of the gallery. He noticed the strain in her shoulders and moved his hand to rub the base of her neck, a gesture that always calmed her. He leaned to kiss her ear and whispered.

I missed you today.

She gasped and tried to hide her arousal with a nervous laughter.

But Sir, we spent the entire day together.

That is even worse than not seeing you at all.His fingers ran down her waist and he pushed her long hair away so he could kiss her neck. “Being around you all day and not having you on my leash is a torture. Especially when I imagine how you slip your panties off under that cute dress.”

Evan, please…” Oh, that adorable blush whenever he was being inappropriate in public. It was just too sweet. “Someone can hear us.”

He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered softly, his erection grinding against her firm ass.

I’m sorry, pet, but I don’t think I can wait until we get home tonight. If I don’t get to fuck you anytime soon, I’ll explode. I’m sure your tight little cunt is just as wet.”

Please, stop it…” Her nipples went rock hard under the red dress and she moved her hips against the bulge in his pants. “I want you too but...”

So, it’s settled. After you close I want you to stand at the center of the gallery, strip to your stockings and kneel in the waiting position. I have a special surprise.

What?” She nearly choked and looked at him in horror. “Evan, please, you promised not to humiliate me in public.”

There will be no public tonight. We’ll be all alone.” He kissed her lips reassuringly and whispered. “You need to get comfortable with submitting to me outside of our home. I know you’ll love it. Don’t worry.” Evan hugged her tighter as the tremble in her body grew more intense. “You can trust me to take care that no one will see anything. Just do as you’re told.”


Her question was followed by a sharp stinging slap on her ass that luckily no one got to see.

That’s not a request, Annabelle. If I get down in here after we close and I don’t find you naked and ready for me, there will be consequences.”

She looked scared for a moment so he kissed her again, sliding his tongue in her mouth and running his fingers through her hair until her shaking subsided. Evan reluctantly pulled away and left another small, chaste kiss on her forehead.

See you later, pet. Don’t disappoint me.”

Annabelle cursed him on the inside when he walked away, leaving her wet, hot and bothered. The exhibition wouldn’t be over for at least an hour and she had tons of tasks before officially closing. Tonight was the Christmas Exhibition for Young Talents. Annabelle had to be her graceful, charming self, the art dealer, and gallery owner, not Evan’s submissive slut and filthy pet.

They agreed they’d only play their kinky games at home but she had admitted shyly it would turn her on if they ever did anything semi-public. Annabelle had written it down as a soft limit and Evan told her that he’d push it at his discretion.

Why did he have to play that card tonight?

Annabelle knew she’d surrender to his sensual corruption and soon she’d be doing anything he asks and she’d beg for that privilege.


#WIP IT UP Wednesday – A Mistress’ Private Chambers – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM


Hey there Wipsters, like I promised here is the next portion chemistry, this time you get a little Thomas perspective. It’s from a chapter in which we learn more about a supporting character from Book 1. Her role will grow significantly in Unorthodox Chemistry so yes, the readers will be in for mixed kink, even if the maledom/femsub will be predominant, no pun intended. Maybe that is wrong from target point of view but damn it, these are my favorite kind of books. I’m currently past the 30k mark and getting further and deeper in the juicier parts of the plot. Next week you may get some hot club action.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy.




I put on some slippers that she must have left for me by the bed, as well as the T-shirt and boxers, and walked out the door. My gait was still unsteady and I had some pulsing headache but at least I wasn’t the vomiting, pathetic creature I had been before… how much time had I spent in that nondescript room?

Either way, my sense of smell was also recovering remarkably well. The seductive fragrance of coffee was alluring me to Allie’s kitchen. It’s been way too long since I had a high-quality caffeine in my system and I was ready to even take her dark witch poison, strong enough to kill a horse.

She lived in a spacious studio in a neighborhood close to Marina, a different place than her professional realm of a dominatrix. One would expect that someone like her would be a lot more minimalistic and would avoid the clutter like it was the plague, or that she’d keep her color scheme in blacks, whites and grays, chrome and black leather, aesthetic to the last detail. Instead, her walls were painted in a cheerful pink, the living room had a whole cupboard, filled with all sort of kitschy souvenirs, as well as some landscape paintings and wooden figurines on the walls. The only room that gave away something of her kinky lifestyle was her personal bedroom, with its king-sized four poster bed and an adjoining playroom. The innocent visitor could easily mistake the door leading to it for a walk in closet.

Then again, innocent visitors had no place in Mistress Sheila’s private chambers. Only those fully aware of what was going to happen to them were allowed to pass through the gate of depravity. Usually after weeks of thorough training.

The hallway from the subs’ room was leading straight to the kitchen. It felt weird to be walking down it. During my visits at Allie’s I have seen so many men and sometimes even women to crawl there, with an anal hook attached to the lead of their collar, supporting a silver tray on the small of their backs. It was one of the ultimate tests she put them through so they’d prove their worth. Some of those really desperate to please her would beg beautifully for Mistress to push them even further and would get the addition of nipple clamps or clothes pins.

I didn’t see myself in such a role but I was watching her like an observant student, always trying to emulate her, in hopes that her dominance would rub off on me. She often consulted me on Lina’s punishments though she had never taken part in our play.


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