#WIPITUP Wednesday – You Can’t Go Back Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM


There should be a law against Wednesday coming so soon. Or a law against procrastination. Again, I must start writing regularly or I won’t finish that book even next year by that time. I give you a little, sweet snippet of an interaction between Lina and Allie.

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of the Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel of Unorthodox Therapy, live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Both the blurb and the cover are temporary.




It’s been months since the dominant programmer Thomas Jett parted ways with Lina Riley, his boss, mentor and submissive lover. Thomas is drowning in his own guilt and doubts, desperately trying to find peace with his past and forgiveness for his sins. Lina struggles to rebuild her destroyed life, her reputation as a CEO and not completely lose her sanity.

They can’t forget the intense chemistry and intimate connection they shared, the passion and the dynamics of their power exchange. And what is worse, neither Lina nor Thomas can move past the horror of the night that tore them apart.

One unexpected night will reunite them and ignite the embers of their furious, painful passion. While they are struggling with their invisible demons a very real enemy waits in the shadows, ready for a revenge. Will Lina find strength in subspace or that would be her ultimate demise? Can Thomas regain control over her and what is most important, over the darkest parts of his own psyche?


Lina.” She repeated my name with a note of warning. “Raise your head and look at me when I’m talking to you. Open your eyes and look at me. Now.”

God knows that this was exactly what I did, obeying her commands so naturally as if I were her puppet. Allie reached out and gently held my chin, not allowing me to look away.

How were those black eyes so alluring.

That’s a good girl.” She caressed my chin. It was more of a comforting than sensual gesture but the erotic thrill ran through me, as powerful as when I was submitting to Thomas. “Now stop worrying so much about what I’d think about you. I have a lot of clients who react just like you when they first appear for a session. They are scared, guilty and feel the need to apologize for their kinks and needs.”

Allie, I…”

Shh, you said enough. Just listen now.” Her grip became tighter and she narrowed her eyes at me. “I tell them what I told you, that I’m not in the position either to judge them or to make them feel better about what they want. You should do what is best for you, Lina, regardless of what anyone thinks. If that means you should keep your distance from Thomas that is fine. I’ll leave that office and I’ll never contact you again.”

I shivered at that thought. Just when I thought I had resigned with the fact our relationship was finished for good. Allie let go of my chin and caressed my cheek with an almost loving gesture before she slapped it with her fingers and withdrew herself from me.

I nearly begged her not to stop and that she could do as she wanted with me.

What a slut you are.

However, Lina, I doubt you’d be happier if you go on to deny yourself. I bet you wanted me to spank you, even if you are not really into women, didn’t you?”

She was brilliant at that game. With just a few words Allie could turn me into a blushing, stuttering mess and secretly, I loved it.

The younger woman chuckled and said with a soothing voice.

Any other time I’d do just that but you are not mine. It wouldn’t be very ethical of me to take advantage of someone as fragile as you are.”

I’ve been called many things in my life. Fragile was definitely not one of them.

I can be wrong but I don’t think you can go back to vanilla life, Lina.”


That’s all for now, I must go back to writing. If you visit my website for the first time and you are interested in keeping up with my work, feel free to subscribe to Lilah’s steamy mailing list. You even get a free story – http://eepurl.com/b4sN_H. And now head back to the WIPIT UP HQ for more snippets of works in progress.

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#WIPITUP Wednesday – Kitty’s Gift – A Kinky Yuletide Tale #BDSM

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the publish button for one small and sideways project that caught my attention while I was writing Unorthodox Chemistry. Usually, it is not a good idea to indulge in the temptation of a neat, short story but since the season was right I decided to give it a shot. This is Kitty’s Gift: A Kinky Yuletide Tale, a short Christmas edition focused on Evan and Annabelle, two of my characters from Stroker Ace: A Kinky Fairy Tale.


2He approached the group and hugged Annabelle from behind. Her body went stiff for a moment as she hadn’t seen him but then she relaxed and pressed her back to his chest.

Mind if I steal her from you for a few minutes?”

Annabelle excused herself with a slight tremble in her voice and allowed Evan to lead her away, to a secluded corner of the gallery. He noticed the strain in her shoulders and moved his hand to rub the base of her neck, a gesture that always calmed her. He leaned to kiss her ear and whispered.

I missed you today.

She gasped and tried to hide her arousal with a nervous laughter.

But Sir, we spent the entire day together.

That is even worse than not seeing you at all.His fingers ran down her waist and he pushed her long hair away so he could kiss her neck. “Being around you all day and not having you on my leash is a torture. Especially when I imagine how you slip your panties off under that cute dress.”

Evan, please…” Oh, that adorable blush whenever he was being inappropriate in public. It was just too sweet. “Someone can hear us.”

He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered softly, his erection grinding against her firm ass.

I’m sorry, pet, but I don’t think I can wait until we get home tonight. If I don’t get to fuck you anytime soon, I’ll explode. I’m sure your tight little cunt is just as wet.”

Please, stop it…” Her nipples went rock hard under the red dress and she moved her hips against the bulge in his pants. “I want you too but...”

So, it’s settled. After you close I want you to stand at the center of the gallery, strip to your stockings and kneel in the waiting position. I have a special surprise.

What?” She nearly choked and looked at him in horror. “Evan, please, you promised not to humiliate me in public.”

There will be no public tonight. We’ll be all alone.” He kissed her lips reassuringly and whispered. “You need to get comfortable with submitting to me outside of our home. I know you’ll love it. Don’t worry.” Evan hugged her tighter as the tremble in her body grew more intense. “You can trust me to take care that no one will see anything. Just do as you’re told.”


Her question was followed by a sharp stinging slap on her ass that luckily no one got to see.

That’s not a request, Annabelle. If I get down in here after we close and I don’t find you naked and ready for me, there will be consequences.”

She looked scared for a moment so he kissed her again, sliding his tongue in her mouth and running his fingers through her hair until her shaking subsided. Evan reluctantly pulled away and left another small, chaste kiss on her forehead.

See you later, pet. Don’t disappoint me.”

Annabelle cursed him on the inside when he walked away, leaving her wet, hot and bothered. The exhibition wouldn’t be over for at least an hour and she had tons of tasks before officially closing. Tonight was the Christmas Exhibition for Young Talents. Annabelle had to be her graceful, charming self, the art dealer, and gallery owner, not Evan’s submissive slut and filthy pet.

They agreed they’d only play their kinky games at home but she had admitted shyly it would turn her on if they ever did anything semi-public. Annabelle had written it down as a soft limit and Evan told her that he’d push it at his discretion.

Why did he have to play that card tonight?

Annabelle knew she’d surrender to his sensual corruption and soon she’d be doing anything he asks and she’d beg for that privilege.