Telephone Reality


The man at the bus stop cussed loudly after the first raindrops spattered his face. A few adolescent girls with tawny skin complexions and golden colored sneakers giggled as if they had overdosed on magic mushrooms and rushed ahead with their arms stretched open. An elderly woman unfolded her umbrella with a visible worry etched on her face and raised it over her curly, gray head. She was probably worried sick that the water dripping from the sky contained a high percentage of acid that would harm in some way the precious peppers and tomatoes tucked comfortably in her cloth bag. A businesswoman with a briefcase was waving in an annoyed manner at the yellow taxis passing by her.

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I will not miss you

Well, we know I’m going away

and how I wish, I wish it weren’t so

So take this wine and drink with me

let’s delay our misery

Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Last night.

Tomorrow I’m saying goodbye to everything I’ve ever known, to every dear, native, unbearable or hated part of my life. I will leave behind my whole existence up to that moment… and I don’t know if I would find a way back some day.

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